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Apr 22, 2008 04:37 PM

Ramen in SF

I am familiar with good Ramen places in the south bay like Halu Ramen...What is a comparable Ramen place in SF? Ideally, the place would have amazing noodles (house-made even better), good broth (flavorful and not too salty), have the option to add veggies like corn or mushrooms or extras to the Ramen, and not be too pricey.

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  1. My understanding is that there's nothing comparable to Peninsula or South Bay ramen in SF city. Halu, Kahoo, Santa, Maruichi are as great as they come.

    The best you will get is probably Katana-Ya on Geary near Union Square that supposedly for SF is very decent if you don't compare.

    I suppose the same can be said of yakitori, kushiyaki, izakaya, kaiseki, kappo ryori, where these genres of Japanese cuisine and offerings are vastly superior the further south you go.

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    1. re: K K

      Second Katana-Ya. I don't know about the corn though !

      There was a rumour about Katana-Ya being under new ownership. Can anyone confirm this ? I have not been for a few months now.

      1. re: osho

        thanks for replying! i have been to Katana-Ya and it is fairly decent. i have not tried their cold ramen...but i think i will have to try as summer approaches. i guess there is a good reason to go to the south bay. ;p