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Apr 22, 2008 04:26 PM

QUICK! Happy Hour near Van Nuys?

We made last minute plans for Happy Hour today. We work in Van Nuys. Who has a good Happy Hour nearby? We've done 94th Aero Squadron but we're tired of it now. Thanks!!

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  1. I've been asking the same question lately, and can't find anything besides the Airtel or 94th on Google. Any discoveries since last year?

    Anyone from Van Nuys? please?

    Thanks! - H

    1. Robin Hood Tavern
      13640 Burbank Blvd
      Sherman Oaks, CA (Van Nuys is across the street)
      (818) 994-6045

      Ireland's 32
      13721 Burbank Blvd
      Van Nuys, CA
      (818) 785-4031

      Irelands is a little sleazy but I did see George Wendt in there the other week.