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Apr 22, 2008 04:25 PM

pre-padres game, spot suggestions?

did a search and am coming up short. does anyone have any favorite pre-game spots for a padres day game. looking for deal on pitchers, or a fun spot for a group of 8 or so. within walking distance to petco please!

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  1. The Field is a good take, OK food as well. Moose McG's loud and lively, app stuff OK, or Nicky Rotten's for burgers, all on 5th.

    1. Basic! on 10th and J street.It's right next to one of the entrances. Great pizza and pitchers of beer. good salad too. plenty of room for 8 people. you'll love it.

      1. Basic on 10th is a good spot to go. Good pizza and it is right next to petco.

        1. Hi beachbunny..
          Posted a question on this last month...usually we go to Tivoli's on 6th & Island which is a classic bar with some pretty good bar food and it's one of the oldest bars in SD along with the Waterfront..
          We went to Basic for drinks and some of the best super thin pizza that was out of this world good..very happy hour but drinks were reasonable.
          Also, we enjoy drinks at McCormicks & Schmicks at the Omni bar.

          1. thanks all! forgot to mention we are headed to basic for post game drinks and fun, so we wanted a diff spot to meet up and toss back a beer/glass of wine. will check out the other suggestions and welcome more if you have them!

            p.s. agree with you - LOVE basic. their pizzas are awesome, as are the salads and atmosphere.