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Apr 22, 2008 04:08 PM

Forty Niner Fountain

Yesterday I found myself in Aiea a little before lunch time and decided.... after years of driving past it, to give Forty Niner Fountain a try. I had the fried saimin with garlic chicken on the side (also available with teri-beef). The noodles were nice and thin, not overcooked, and had a nice taste and texture. There was plenty of spam, kamaboku, char siu, and green onion. It reminded me a lot of the fried saimin at the Old King's bakery on King St. in Pawaa/Moiliili. I almost automatically put shoyu on, but it wasn't necessary. If i have one criticism, it was almost too salty (no wonder it reminded me of Kings Bakery). Quite a few of the other people who came in ordered regular saimin (hawaii style ramen). I asked the (very friendly and competent) waitress and she said they make their own shiro (broth) from scratch. The garlic chicken was really good... maybe not mitsuken... but ono. Nice and crispy with a fresh garlicy flavor.

The place is divided into two halves, on the highway side there is a lunch counter that seats about a dozen people. The mauka half has table seating for about 30. There is a small parking area mauka of the building, parking for about 6 or 8 cars. They open early, around 6 or 7, close after lunch, then open again around 4 till 7 or 8 for dinner. The "decor" is very retro, right down to the lack of A.C., which wasn't a problem when I was there, the ceiling fans provided a nice breeze. I will definitely be going back to give it a second try.

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  1. Thanks for the review. My co-worker tried it several months after the new owners took over and said the saimin was pretty good as was the hamburger steak plate. I've always meant to try it myself, maybe I will next time I'm headed out to Circuit City. Sounds promising.

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      If you make it, let us know what you think.

    2. Making my mouth water! So where exactly is this place located? We'll be there in a few weeks and might give it a try. Still looking for that "special" saimin flavor from way back and this place sort of sounds like something close? How does the fried saimin compare to Sekiya's? Funny that my last order at Sekiya's was salty too. Maybe shoyu was on sale then?

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        As you come into Aiea from Moanalua Road (ewa bound), it is on the right hand side shortly after you pass Dixie Grill and the used car lot, at the intersection of Kamehameha Highway and Honomanu St. Little beige/brown 1940s building. The parking is on Honomanu St., mauka of the building.

        It has been a long time since I had Sekiya's fried saimin, but I think it compares favorably. If i remember right Sekiyas noodles were thicker. Maybe i should treck over to Sekiyas again soon... its only three blocks away...LOL

      2. Good directions KM! Being a townie I know exactly how to get there, but actual directions and street names Ewa of Nuuanu, forget about it. Clinton, when you see the place I'm pretty sure you will recognize it even if you've never eaten there.