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Apr 22, 2008 04:04 PM

New School Dining in NOLA

Flying in from Michigan for 2nd weekend of jazz fest to meet up with friends for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. One of the nights they would like to do Galetoires for classic old school New Orleans. For the other evening I would like to get a bit more adventurous with dinner and am hoping you might be able to help me out. Any and all price points are welcome, wine is good, seafood too. We are staying in the FQ, but have access to a car if necessary.

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  1. I don't know that I'd call it New School (would not, in fact) but I just had two meals in a row at Lilette and both were just excellent. I had forgotten how good that restaurant is. It's in a fun area, too, where you can walk about either before or after finding shops and bars. I also had a great meal recently at MiLa - bbq lobster appetizer was amazing.

    1. Try Luke (Chef John Besh) it's in the CBD and has a very interesting menu. Service here can be a little slow, but I usually find the food to be worth it. Cochon is all about the pork, but again has a very interesting menu; things you won't find in restaurants like hogs head cheese and boudin balls. Stella is supposed to be lovely. If you just want some seafood in a cool atmosphere check out Grand Isle near Harrah's casino. If you are going to head into uptown, I like Patois and Martinique Bistro.

      1. Stella, Lillette, Pelican Club, August-all great.

        1. WOW, CH lost my post to your thread. Basically, what I said was that for "New School," both August and Stella! are top choices.

          Lately, CH has become flaky, requiring Sign-in, after posting a dozen replies, and then loosing posts. Do not have the document, that I prepared, but you have the gist above.


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            I have to say I was really looking forward to your in depth review of Stella with its wine selections =).

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              I have it about done (all restaurants), but have been in the air too much. As soon as we return from London, I should be able to finish it up and post. I still owe the Elsewhere board a week in Hawai`i and now two nights in Las Vegas! I am so very far behind. Wish my laptop was a real notebook, and not a 17" 12# monster, as I could get some of this work done while airborne.


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                Hahah, we should all be so lucky to have these problems! Have a safe trip to London and a wonderful time.

          2. Cuvee or August. Not "new school", Herbsaint is delicious and offers an upscale take on earthy fare.