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Apr 22, 2008 03:45 PM

Freshest/best quality kosher sushi in NY?

What kosher establishment comes closest to non-kosher sushi (like Nobu or Daruma) in terms of freshness and quality?

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  1. The Sushi at Prime Grill is excellent - compares to non-kosjer sushi I jave tasted

    1. I don't eat sushi, I tried, after 6 attempts I still hate it, my kids, however, do. I just wanted to pass along an interesting comment that my daughter and son in law said - the sushi (kosher) that is sold in Key Food of Woodmere is according to them, real good, with large portions and at half the price of almost anywhere else

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        While I'm sure that the sushi at Key Food is excellent for grocery-store sushi, I really doubt it's up to the quality of a fine non-kosher sushi restaurant.

        I have always kept kosher, and thus can't compare to Nobu et al, but I would agree that the sushi at Prime Grill is the best sushi I've had.

        1. re: GilaB

          haikara was my introduction and was great. We've really liked sushi metsuyan in teaneck. We also made our own sushi while living in sharon-we'd buy fresh salmon at legal seafoods, bring it home and fillet it. We'd then have an all you can eat salmon sushi fest and still have over 1/2 a fish left in our freezer for later consumption

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            New to this thread, but I would point out that salmon often has anilaria worms, and these are also parasitic in humans, and it's not pretty. Salmon must be frozen first before suahi is made, in order to kill the anilaria. That recommendation is often made for all fish destined for sushi, since even the deep waters are now poluted, and all fish therefore run the risk of infestation.

          2. re: GilaB

            I don't for one second imply that the sushi at Key Food is anywhere near the top, but just wanted to inform the sushi eating public of the 5 towns that if they are in a sushi mood and do not want to shlep to Manhattan to go to Prime Grill, with its parking nightmare, high tolls, $4/gal cost of gas, long wait to be seated, and extreemly high price. That a short few minute ride, free parkng, very short checkout line, low price may do the trick.

            1. re: MartyB

              thanks, but the question was nobu-level sushi, regardless of how long the shlep will be. keeping with the topic tho, it seems that prime grill is the closest thing then. unless i hear of other suggestions, i thank you all for your recommendations.

        2. Another one that I have enjoyed is the Sushi at Abigaels -

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            A Japanese co-worker has the following observations. A place that stakes (pun not intended) its reputation on the sushi would probably offer sushi, miso soup and salads only. It would not have the smell of grilled or fried meat hanging in the air. A reputable place would cut the fish when you order, and not simply assemble the rolls for you using a tray of pre-sliced fish. A place serious about its sushi would pay a lot of attention to the quality of the rice (seriously, there are different grades of rice, and the difference is like that between a great challah and Wonder bread), and how recently it was prepared. Day old rice is flat tasting, and is not the perfect foil for good fish.

            1. re: Dovid

              Dovid, i completely agree. places like Nobu spend a fortune having fresh fish delivered daily from the far reaches of the world. a recent article in vanity fair covers this phenomenon (


              the question is: is the sushi at prime grill and abigails really good sushi, or is it just really good sushi compared to kosher sushi elsewhere (kosher pizza shops even make sushi).

              1. re: daverose808

                I have eaten at some excellent non-kosher sushi places in NYC, Chicago and LA - and Prime Grill and Abigaels do compare compare to non-kosher sushi restaurants - serving exceedingly fresh fish and exciting presentations -

                1. re: weinstein5

                  thank you for your thoughtful responses, and i will check both out!

          2. I have eaten sushi at Nobu, and although I think that sushi at Prime Grill and Abigael's are very good, the closest to Nobu-quality sushi at a Kosher restaurant is, in my opinion, Kyo in Monsey. I think the freshness and quality exceeds that of any other kosher establishment, as well as the kinds of really excellent sushi appeteizers they offer. Additionally, they have excellent Toro options, while I have not been impressed with the Toro at Prime Grill.

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            1. re: Hirscheys

              thats fascinating. i never would have expected superior sushi in monsey. to make up for the high cost of the freshness and quality, the price must be pretty high, and i never imagined the monsey community would support that...

              1. re: daverose808

                KYO is by far the best kosher sushi it will melt in your moute
                ask him for toro tuna or toro salmon ones you eat by kyo sushi you will naver go back to your other place

            2. I was wondering if anyone has tried the Sushi at Glatt Mart.