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Apr 22, 2008 03:35 PM

Inventive, Creative places in Cincy w/kickin Wine selection?

Where does one go.

I will be in Cincy on business thursday night.

Many Thanks!

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  1. First, for the record, nobody who lives here calls it Cincy or Cincy. I learned that the first week I lived here, and haven't repeated that embarrassment since.

    Second, what part of town will you be in? Downtown, you can try Jean-Robert's at Pigall's or his JeanRo bistro. I like Nicola's wine list, but I'm no expert. Slim's has great food and no liquor license, so you can BYO-kickin' wine. Also try Boca in Oakley, which is always lively on Thursdays.

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    1. re: johnbycz

      Ouch...... No offense on the Cincy thing, I'm a lazy typer. Have to be honest here, co-worker made travel arrangements. Believe we're downtown....he's talking some old rib place.....(turns me off....).named after some house or hotel from somewher else in Ohio??? Near the river?? No clue. I'm trying to salvage the food experience.... :-)

      I do appreciate your suggestions though...thanks for responding.

      1. re: masnole

        I didn't mean the Cinci/Cincy thing as a shot or a rebuke -- just a bit of advice, kinda like not showing the bottoms of your feet when traveling the Middle East. Oh, and if, while in Cincinnati, you mention the name "Pete Rose," pause briefly and bow your head.

        That rib place would be Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse. The locals are split on whether it's any good. I happen to like it, and whenever I take out-of-towners there, they're never disappointed. The setting on the river is very pleasant. But the wine list isn't the reason to go there.

        I've also seen it mentioned that Daveed's in Mount Adams has a very good wine list. That's a short cab ride from downtown. It's been five years since I've eaten there, but I hear it's still excellent.

    2. Um, maybe I'm a "bad native" - but I call it Cinci all the time. While it won't get you a better table with your waiter, I guess it probably depends on who you're with.

      Anyways, in terms of food/wine - if you have the ability to leave downtown Boca in Oakley (10-15min from downtown) is really amazing for food and wine. If the weather is nice, the Vineyard in Hyde Park has a really great wine list - and I can't comment from first hand experience, but Pigall's gets great reviews for food and wine.

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      1. re: cresyd

        Thanks for the suggestions. It was after all a business dinner and our client's wishes ended up prevailing. Went to a place downtown called Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse.

        I'm not a huge steakhouse guy, BUT the steaks were pretty darn good......