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Old Bay seasoning in Los Angeles - where to buy?

I'm trying to organiize a Maryland-style crab boil and wondering where I can pick up some Old Bay seasoning, preferably in or near Silver Lake. Didn't see it at Ralph's or Albertsons...


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  1. I just bought a large container of it at Costco in Alhambra. About 16 ounces, that is.

    1. Penzys is the best I've found...www.penzys.com...or
      their store is on Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance....a schlep
      that's worth it! Old Bay is astounding on popcorn with
      a little olive oil, too.

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        "a schlep that's worth it!" Just for Old Bay? NO it's not! Sorry to get preachy and practical on you but it is Earth Day, gas is around $4/gal, OP can get Old Bay much closer, and Penzey's will ship for less cost (time & $).

        I do agree- Old Bay is and Penzey's (with an e) has good stuff.

        1. re: ilikefood

          it's a whole store of spices..you can get other stuff too, and sample things.
          they have their own blends that nobody else has done.
          it's kinda like an "experience" to go in there..quite different from looking at
          a computer monitor...or going in a Gelson's...totally worth it.

      2. Pretty sure I've seen it at Gelson's, but not sure if there's a Gelson's near Silver Lake.

        1. Gosh, I would say just about any supermarket; I've seen it just about everywhere I can think of. But near you, either Gelson's or Mayfair.

          Some stores keep it with the other spices and seasonings; others keep it near the fish counter. Be sure to look in both places.

          1. Most Whole Foods carries it. Look for or ask for it around the seafood counter.

            1. I got it at the Pavilions in South Pasadena last time I needed it.

              1. I saw Old Bay at a Vons in Santa Monica, but not near the rest of the spices; It was nearer the seafood section.

                1. I haven't looked for Old Bay in Ralph's or Albertsons in or near Silver Lake let alone every grocery in LA but I'm sure I'm not sticking my neck out in writing that Old Bay is available in every major non-ethnic grocery store in the LA area. You wrote you didn't see it so I'm assuming you didn't ask. It'll be in the spices, seasonings &/or around the seafood counter.

                  JackFlash- Great minds think alike, sometimes simultaneously. (Meaning my post was written b4 your post showed up on my PC.)

                  1. I saw it at the 99 cent store on Wilshire and also the one on La Brea.

                    1. Save some money and go to Smart & Final or Costco.

                      1. I bought mine at my local Ralphs. It was mixed in with the greek seasonings and steak seasonings, not with the single spices like cumin and cinnamon.

                        1. I've even seen it at some 99cts stores, and as everyone else says you can find it at any Ralph's. Smart & Final, etc. but it is often on weird places. At my local Ralph's it's on a rack near the frozen section and I also saw it once near the dried beans.

                          1. I just went to Albertsons today and saw a bunch of Old Bay seasonings..in lots of different flavor varieties..they didn't carry it before..but they do now..