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Apr 22, 2008 02:58 PM

Phillipu in Astoria?

Anyone know what kind of food the new place on 31st Ave and 21st street will have? Used to be that cheesy Italian restaurant with the creepy gondola on the roof. I ran by there this morning and saw it's now called Phillipu.

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  1. oh man, rizzo's [not the pizza place] is gone? i loved that place! it looked like some kind of venetian addams family nightmare, but it was so good for red sauce comfort food...sigh, another bit of old(e) astoria bites the dust...

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    1. re: david sprague

      Yes- it died-- I think two years ago now-- I will drive by today to see what the new place is-- the name smells greek

      1. re: quentinC

        Phillipu is looking like it's gonna be Phillipino food. They've had their sign lit for weeks now but nothing else. I don't know why they're not open yet. Another smaller sign with a picture of a Jeepney (the Phillipino national taxi) was added recently but since then, nada. Maybe it's a licsene/permit issue? Don't know. I live right in the hood though, I'll keep you updated.

    2. I walked in today and they said it is going to be Phillipine and Greek! The take out menus should be available tomorrow. I am willing to try this unlikely combo.

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        WoW! that's an interesting combo! pancit with feta cheese? lumpia stuffed with grape leaves? tripe with lemon and oregano??? LOL I can't wait to see the menu!

      2. Philippu (not Phillipu) is now open. I've uploaded their menu to Flickr: . We went yesterday, and got three dishes, the fresh (sariwang) lumpia, the shrimp rebasado, and a pork soup that doesn't seem to be on their takeout menu. The lumpia was on the bland side, wrapped in a soft crepe. The shrimp dish was just battered and deep-fried fish with tostones alongside. The soup was pretty good, though, with really tasty pork belly and an interesting slightly sour broth.

        Decor was typical Filipino, with cold flourescent lighting and seating for large groups. (They were not too crowded on a Wednesday night, with about 5 other parties, all Filipinos.


        Service was extremely casual and very friendly. They're currently BYOB.

        I can't yet recommend the place, but it may just that we ordered somewhat boring items. I'd urge anyone with a better knowledge of the cuisine to check it out...

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        1. re: Harlan

          Am I missing something? I don't see anything Greek on the menu. That would have made it more interesting.

          1. re: SuzyP

            It's definitely 100% Filipino food. No Greek. That's fine by me. No shortage of excellent Greek in Astoria...!