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Aug 9, 2002 03:18 PM

Chez Mimi - Opinions?

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I am looking for a restaurant within 1-1/2 hour walking distance of Montana Avenue. I have been to, and like, Le Petit Cafe on Colorado. I often peer into Chez Mimi but for some reason I am wary about eating there despite the fact that it looks inviting. My fear is that the place, from decor to cuisine, is too cloying and precious. Are my fears well-founded or baseless ?

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  1. Enter without fear. I was taken to Chez Mimi for my birthday last winter, and everything was fabulous. It felt like being in Paris again. Menu was diverse, and everyone was able to order something he/she really liked. I'm sorry I didn't keep notes of what we ate, but all raved about their dinners (5 adults and 3 sophisticated kids/teens). The tarte tatin was spectacular. Had lunch there too a while back - excellent white fish w/ a light lemon and caper sauce, and IIRC, perfectly tangy lemon tart for dessert.

    1. Does anyone have any recommendations of what to order at Chez Mimi??

      1. Sand dabs were good when I had them. The apple tarte dessert is yummy

        1. It's a very nice restaurant and everything is good. Charming decor. Take a chance and order something that looks good to YOU. Part of the fun and experience of trying a new place is being a little adventurous. Go for it. You can always eat at your stand-by/favorite restaurant tomorrow.