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Apr 22, 2008 02:27 PM

Date Night In Chelsea

Looking for great food, romantical, not too-trendy. Father west the better... any ideas???

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    1. Gascogne is a great option. Delicious, rustic french food in a beautiful space. They have a great garden in the back that is open in the nice weather, as well.

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        I just went to Gascogne for the first time last week and thought it was great. I wasn't there for date night myself, but it was definitely romantic and not super trendy. The food was terrific - and their specials were a lot more intriguing than the regular menu. For dessert, the pear clafouti was incredible.

      2. La Lunchonette, on 10th Avenue. Nothing to look at from the outside, but stepping through the door is like stepping into a farmhouse in the French countryside.