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Apr 22, 2008 02:23 PM

Marrakesh Palace in Dupont?

My bf and I will be in Dupont tomorrow night and we have been wanting to try Moroccan lately. We want something that is not too expensive and has good authentic food. Any opinions of the Marrakesh Palace that is in Dupont (not to be confused with the other Marrakesh Restaurant on NY Ave). Thank you!

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  1. Unless I'm missing something, the one on NY place is closed. I was under a soft impression the one at DuPont was the reincarnation of the one that closed (can't see that they just gave it up). I've only had mixed info back on this thesis. There was at least one post that certainly made it sound about the same. This would equal to: Great experience for a party, okay food - but the food is not the draw.

    I think there's a place in Clarendon if seeking out Moroccan, and another place in Reston (Lake Anne - if still there).

    Any way it goes, please report back!