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The la times the guide launched maybe 6 months ago. I stumbled onto a really respectable beer bar list. All beer lovers should peruse the list.

LA should be WAY better when it comes to beer. CA has the best beer outside of belgium in my opinion. From Lagunitas, to bear republic, to Anderson Valley, to Stone, Firestone, Pizza Port, Craftsman, Alesmith, Lost Coast, Russian River, Mendonico County, etc. CA has the craziest IPAs, ridiculously great stouts, malty hefs, and belgium style ales. I didn’t even mention Anchor, Sierra Nevade, and Gordon Bierch. LA is getting better about representing CA’s elite brews!

Anyhow, I wanted to add a few places though that have respectable beer by the bottles

Tompkins Square Park Grill in Westchester (The Father's office of LAX area
)Delerium Pub in sierra Madre (Same as lucky baldwin)
red lion tavern in eagle rock (Large german/belgium beer bottle selection)
Beachwood BBQ in the OC (The boneyard Bistro of the OC)
Blue Velvet DTLA (Very respectable bottle selection, and sometimes they make inhouse specialty brews for their tasting menu)
Cafe Boogaloo in Hermosa Beach (Live blues, passable cajun, good beer bottle selection)
beechwood in venice (respectable beer menu)
Blairs in silver lake (Just like mozza, it has a decent selection for a fine dining restaurant)
Pizzeria Mozza (Osteria mozza was listed, but the pizzeria just upgraded thier beer offerings. Dont let the waitors bring you italian lager crap. Get the good stuff)
3 on 4th in santa monica (Fine dining establishment in santa monica with great beer)
Pure Luck on Heliotroupe (This is a vegan resto with a strong selection)
Landmark theatres (Just a movie theatre, but one with an awesome selection of beers)
Brussels in Laguna Beach (Great belgium beer bar in pretty downtown Laguna)
El Prado in echo park (new tiny winebar witha small selection of craft beer. It ONLY serves craft beer, so that is why it is listed, despite its small selection)

There are so many other places with good beer like a west coast IPA I had at Lucques, or the delicious brews of Unibroue Brewing that I had at Angelini Caffe on Melrose and Violet in Santa Monica. Each of those places only has 2-3 beers, but they are all specialty beers, so they are worth mentioning.

Most decent places in LA will carry Chimay these days.

There is a new specialty beer and gourmet sausage restaurant building out in downtown LA. Probably wont be ready until this time next year given the typical speed of LA construction.

Anyhow. Long live great CA craft beer!

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  1. Great list, jl

    I'll add the Crow Bar in Corona del Mar and Goat Hill Tavern in Costa Mesa

    Crow Bar & Kitchen
    2325 E Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

    Goat Hill Tavern
    1830 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    1. Verdugo Bar in Eagle Rock.
      Third Stop on Third St.
      I second the Pure Luck rec.
      Father's Office of course.
      I'll have to try El Prado soon.

      1. 3rd Stop on 3rd has a great beer list.

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        1. re: augustus gloob

          Whoops, I totally forgot all about Verdugo. Good one!!!!

          3rd stop is terrific, and is listed in the times guide article.

          I should place all of those recs from that artcile onto this board.

          1. Father's Office Santa Monica (the defining LA gastropub)
          2. Naja's Place Redondo Beach (Total dive bar with an INSANE Selection of taps and bottles. best on the west coast?!?!)
          3. The Otheroom Venice (AWESOME bottle selection)
          4. 3rd Stop West Hollywood (Father's office equivalanet,but CHEAPER!)
          5. Library Bar Downtown L.A. (Small but very very thoughtful specialty beer list. Better than Father;s Office, but less selection.)
          6. Lucky Baldwin's Pasadena (EXCEPTIONAL bottle and tap selection)
          7. Boneyard Bistro Sherman Oaks (EXCEPTIONAL bottle selection)
          8. Lucky Devils Hollywood (Smaller list than Father's office but better selection of truly rare finds)
          9. Stuffed Sandwich San Gabriel (great bottle selection, but not a bar)
          10. Library Ale House Santa Monica (Smaller version of father's office)
          11. The York Highland Park (Small scale father's office)
          12. Osteria Mozza Melrose (Good bottled selection for fine dining)
          13. Little Bar Miracle Mile (Cool dive bar with respectable beers list. Should be better seeing as how they are a beer only bar)
          14. The Hungry Cat Hollywood (Small, respectable, seasonal selection)
          15. Rustic Canyon Wine Bar & Seasonal Kitchen Santa Monica (similar to blue velvet. Offers rare specialty beers with tasting menu)
          16. Yard House Long Beach (Larger and better version of Elephant bar)
          17. Redwood Bar & Grill Downtown L.A. (Carries alot of craftsman but not much breadth otherwise)
          18. Spring Street Smokehouse Chinatown (Carries 6 bottles of Angle City Brewing Company. Not much breadth)
          19. The Village Idiot Melrose (2 belgiums, 2 craftsman, 10 average beers)

          These are from the times article, in edition to the ones I listed in the original post.

          If anyone knows of more, keep it coming!

          Hooray Beer

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            I'd add Santino's on Lincoln in Santa Monica. They have over a hundred different beers to choose from. And On The Waterfront Cafe right on the Venice boardwalk.

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              Blue Palms Brew House is a new place that has opened recently, after the Times article was written. It has an excellent selection of American Craft Ales (on tap and in bottles) and some pretty good food too!

              Blue Palms Brew House
              6124 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

          2. i visited sheddy's, the new place that took over bodega de cordova's spot on fairfax, a couple weeks ago, and they had a small, but pretty impressive beer list. off the top of my head, i recall maudite, a couple chimays, blanche de chambly (i was very excited -- not a huge beer person, but i love that one), fat tyre, various others..

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            1. re: tannazie

              stuffed sandwich, stuffed sandwich, stuffed sandwich. nuff said.

              1. re: kevin

                Your right Kevin. Sometimes I can't edit my freakin chow posts even though it shows that I am logged in.

                Anyhow. Stuffed sandwich has an exceptionally comprehensive bottle selection. I didnt convey that well enough.

              2. re: tannazie

                Ditto Stuffed Sandwich.

                Not just bottles, though those are extensive. He always has 7 or 8 taps on a theme. Sometimes all Belgian. Or aged Stones from the 90s. Or all Double IPAs. Recently he had all Lagunitas. The theme switches once a month. Be forewarned: very quirky place though!

              3. Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks has a very good beer list and the food is outstanding.

                1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. All beer geeks need to get a coipy of the Beer Guppy's guide to So Cal


                  ooh, and it's BelgiaN beer. Belgium is a country. Belgian beer comes from there. My little pet peeve, sorry.

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                  1. re: Diana


                    You are right, it is BelgiaN beer, not belgium. Having been to Belgium, I should know better, but am a lazy typer. I sometimes call the beers that Unibroue brews, belgian, when they are clearly a Canadian brewery that makes Belgian-STYLE ale.

                    Again, I am just lazy sometimes.
                    Thanks for correcting me.


                    I have seen your listing before of beerguppy. I happily went to that homepage a while back to see that it was a sales page instead of a free listing.

                    I am reluctant to buy a book since I have almost always found better FREE information online.

                    That is what chowhound is for.

                    Besides. If I bought that book, I would probably memorize the information, and eventually put all of it online, which could be a copyright no-no.

                    1. re: jlrobe

                      The book lists places that other's may not know about (definitely the LA times) as it is written by a beer geek, not a newspaper.

                      He knows, cause he's probably been.

                      Trust me, beer geeks are online, the lists from that book (which are long) have been online before.

                      I, for one, am perfectly willing to lend my dollars to the persuit of good beer by buying a book or two.

                      heck, I bought the SF Chowhound guide!

                      1. re: Diana

                        Diana, you replied to me on your post on the FO thread. I have copied some of the recs here.

                        Mc G's (great beer selection..food is only OK)
                        Vendome Toluca Lake's Beer Tastings on Saturday
                        That little roadhouse on the 2 (name I always forget)

                  2. other good spots for a pint or three...

                    daily pint - santa monica - lots of good draft and amazing bottle selction. charming host!
                    otheroom - venice - strong draft line up - russian river damnation on tap!
                    bottlerock - culver city - good selction of bottles and draft - arrogant bastard, victory hop devil
                    fraiche - culver city - varied selection for fine dining - white rascal, smoked porter, st feullian, ommegang
                    blt steak - sunset strip - racer 5 ipa, white rascal, stone pale ale
                    ocean avenue seafood - santa monica - another great selection of draft beers in a fine dining spot

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                    1. re: asbo

                      Fantastic list asbo

                      I know fraiche has great cocktails. It is good that it has good beers too! Gives me more reason to actually give it a try.

                      Same for bottle rock. I have never been to bottle rock because
                      a) it is super packed
                      b) I love beer more than wine
                      When bottle rock opens in downtown this fall, I will go there to check it out. I am guessing it will be less packed downtown.

                      I am glad blt steak has a good LOCAL beer selection. I figured they would be a sceney luxury chain like Nobu and STK.

                      Thanks for all of the wonderful info!!!!

                    2. Nice. Also, don't forget Hollingshead Deli, in Orange (on Main Street about 1.5 blocks north of the 22, on the west side in a little strip mall)

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                      1. re: mikester

                        Hollingshead's Deli is just about my favorite place for an afternoon beer. So many great beer bars open at 5 PM or later but these guys (three generations of Hollingshead's) serve great beer when I often like to drink it! Their tap selection if always great, sometimes extraordinary, like the time recently when they had three Russian River brews at the same time! Who else in L.A. or Orange Counties has had Blind Pig, Pliny The Elder AND Pliny The Younger concurrently? If only it were not so far away...........
                        My only gripe is that they are only open Mon-Fri, wish I could go with GF/designated driver on the weekends!

                        Hollingshead's Delicatessen
                        368 S Main St, Orange, CA 92868

                      2. What's distressing is that so many of the places mentioned aren't in the city of LA. Should be a lot more in a town with nearly 4 million people. West Hollywood, Santa Monica, etc and Orange County? Sure, they deserve good beer places. But what's the prob with LA proper? Toxic business climate?

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                        1. re: Akitist

                          backabbey in claremont to me has the best beers in socal!