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Apr 22, 2008 01:19 PM

Chocolate Turtles in SD

Looking for recommendations for chocolate turtles in San Diego. Can be dark or milk chocolate, preferably with pecans rather than another type of nut, caramel should be on the softer side rather than too firm. I haven't seen turtles much lately, but then again, I haven't really been seeking them out either.

Who do you all think produces some of the better versions in SD? Chuao? Eclipse? Sees? Or...?

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  1. It's a haul to get there, but the ones at the Wisteria Candy Cottage in Boulevard are really good - and big!

    1. Chuao doesn't have chocolate turtles. They do have this pistachio chocolate truffle special that's really good this month, though. And another truffle made with Pop Rocks and chili.

      The best turtles were ones that a classmate of mine got from TN many, many years ago. They were also filled with a layer of marshmallow. The brand escapes me....

      1. i like the ones from Rocky Mountain chocolate factory too...i agree pecan are the best!!! They are my hubby's favorite so I always get him a few when I am at the Carlsbad outlet mall...RM's are nice and big...the caramel is medium firm, i get him milk and dark chocolate.