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Apr 22, 2008 01:13 PM

Best Gnocchi Mix-in Suggestions

Ive tried many different things with both ricotta and potato gnocchi in terms of red sauce, brown butter, oil based sauces, and really wanted to try something new with a mix in of some kind of vegetable or beans.

Does anyone have anything that they've tried thats gone very well with some good gnocchi?

Id love to hear about them. Thanks.

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  1. I make a casserole of Gnocchi, homemade meatballs (large marble size), fresh mozzarella and marinara then topped with panko tossed with melted butter and parmesan cheese.

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    1. re: Lenox637

      Could you possibly give more information? Do you precook the gnocchi? Do you make a ricotta or potato gnocchi? Do you use a meat combo for the meat balls? This sounds amazing!

      1. re: MalinDC

        Potato gnocchi, pre cooked, beef, pork,veal for the meatballs. it is amazing. I stumbled upon it using leftovers and then concocted the finished product made from scratch. Next thing is to make the mozz myself.

    2. A little roasted asparagus, proscuitto, cracked pepper and parmesean with olive oil.

      Substitute baby wilted baby spinach for the aparagus.

      1. Zucchini ribbons are a good first choice.

        Mushrooms (your favorite variety) are a great second choice.

        You can run with scissors and even combine *both* vegetables.

        1. gnocci with shrimp and peas in a broth made from the shrimp shells

          pic here:

          1. Tried this recently and just loved it:

            Perle di Patate are small gnocchi, about half the usual size.

            This recipe will work fine with regular-sized ones.