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Best Gnocchi Mix-in Suggestions

Ive tried many different things with both ricotta and potato gnocchi in terms of red sauce, brown butter, oil based sauces, and really wanted to try something new with a mix in of some kind of vegetable or beans.

Does anyone have anything that they've tried thats gone very well with some good gnocchi?

Id love to hear about them. Thanks.

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  1. I make a casserole of Gnocchi, homemade meatballs (large marble size), fresh mozzarella and marinara then topped with panko tossed with melted butter and parmesan cheese.

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      Could you possibly give more information? Do you precook the gnocchi? Do you make a ricotta or potato gnocchi? Do you use a meat combo for the meat balls? This sounds amazing!

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        Potato gnocchi, pre cooked, beef, pork,veal for the meatballs. it is amazing. I stumbled upon it using leftovers and then concocted the finished product made from scratch. Next thing is to make the mozz myself.

    2. A little roasted asparagus, proscuitto, cracked pepper and parmesean with olive oil.

      Substitute baby wilted baby spinach for the aparagus.

      1. Zucchini ribbons are a good first choice.

        Mushrooms (your favorite variety) are a great second choice.

        You can run with scissors and even combine *both* vegetables.

        1. gnocci with shrimp and peas in a broth made from the shrimp shells

          pic here:

          1. Tried this recently and just loved it:

            Perle di Patate are small gnocchi, about half the usual size.

            This recipe will work fine with regular-sized ones.

            1. pesto with some green beans or fresh peas.

              1. Thanks all, these suggestions sound great and I will definitely work into more since Ive been on a gnocchi kick as of late.

                Tonight I went with tons of ricotta, roasted garlic, shiitake mushrooms, cooked in a good wheat beer - quite quite good.

                1. Gorgonzola in a white sauce is yummy.

                  1. Gnocchi ala vodka is my absolute favorite! or carbonara.... never really tried it with veggies......

                    1. I love gnocchi with wild mushrooms (o.k. really any mushrooms) - Basically you saute 2 lbs of sliced mushrooms(any mix) and 2 shallots (finely chopped) in butter and olive oil and cook over high heat, stirring occasionally, until browned, 12-14 minutes. Add vermouth(1/4 C.) and cook until evaporated. Add chicken stock(3/4 C.), cream(1/2 C.) and thyme(1 t. fresh, minced), season with salt and pepper; bring to a boil. Add cooked and drained gnocchi and 1/2 C. parmesan. Wonderful comfort food!

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                        sounds great. I think Im going to combine this one with the gorgonzola suggestion above instead of the cream.

                      2. Heavy cream, Gorgonzola, Rapini and sausage.

                        1. So glad this thread started! I have wanted to make my own for some time now. Yesterday I roasted a butternut squash and have been tossing the idea of gnocchi, ravioli, or soup around. I've made the soup plenty of times and love it but wanted to do something different. So Im thinking sage and butternut gnocchi or ravs?

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                            Would that be gnocchi made of butternut, or cooked with butternut? Either way sounds pretty tasty.

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                              I was going to incorporated the butternut and sage into the gnocchi, then I got stuck from there! I need to make it today or tomorrow, that's why I'm so happy to stumble on this thread, otherwise I'll have to freeze it for another day, at least until I get my act together.

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                                you could make a rapini pesto and add some sausage in as well.

                                you could bake them in the oven as well. i like to make a bechamel sauce and add some swiss chard and ricotta cheese. add all three along with cooked gnocchi into a dish and bake in the oven at 350

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                                  if you are looking for something to do with butternut and are willing to let go of the gnocchi idea, i would vote for ricotta gnudi. i actually made them last night. you can make a butter and sage sauce as serve along with the gnudi

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                                    Oh no problem, not married to the gnocchi idea. But have no clue how to make gnudi, so I need your help? Do you serve this on its own, or is it a side?

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                                      i guess they are pretty much ricotta gnocchi or very close. not sure of your serving size, but i use about a cup of ricotta, 1/2 cup parm, 3/4 cup flower and one egg. if you use these portions, i would suggest about a 1/4 cup of pureed butternut squash. i use an ice cream scoop and make gnudi the size of a golf ball. i like to roll them in some extra flour before i put them in the water. rolling boil is best and i think they will take 5 minutes or so to cook.

                                      i like to shock them in an ice bath once they are done cooking. i then prepare a sage and butter sauce and place the gnudi in the sauce and re-heat.

                                      for some more insight into gnudi, the following link is for gnudi served at the spotted pig in NYC. the recipe is not for butternut squash, but it will give you a better sense of technique etc.


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                                        I am making this for 4-with two eating larger portions. I love how these look. I need to go pick up ricotta. I have plenty of butternut squash, it was a larger one with great flavor all on its own..thanks so much!

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                                          did you try them? just curious as to what you decide

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                                            Not yet, got the ricotta yesterday so I had to freeze the butternut squash. I was worried that it might spoil, so I portioned it up just in case. But I am going for it today, and since I just got my computer back last night (again) I might even have some pictures. I am not familiar with these so I was tearing through old recipies trying to get a feel for these.
                                            Am I understanding correctly? These are not ravioli, but more like a lighter and larger gnocchi served with a bechamel sauce? I am having a difficult time figuring the shape and the size.

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                                              no pasta involved so they are not ravioli. i like to think of them as ravioli sans the pasta. i use an ice cream scooper and shape them into the size of a golf ball. not sure you need a bechamel sauce to make them either. i would go with a butter and sage sauce.

                                              not sure if you have any lidia cookbooks at home, but she devotes a great deal of time to non-potato gnocchi.

                                              the link i mentioned yesterday is a big help and should be able to get you through the task

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                                                I appreciate that link by the way. I must have a block, I can't figure the size or shape though. I will try the internet, perhaps I can get a closeup shot!

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                                            Thomas Keller has a recipe for sweet potato agnolotti (ravioli) w/ a sage cream, brown butter and prosciutto sauce...I was going to try that this weekend myself. It's in the French Laundry Cookbook... supposedly it's excellent. I'm sure you could sub. the squash for the sweet potato and it would still be great...or make that sauce and serve it on the gnocchi.


                              2. This is a great topic - I feel like gnocchi is too often served with the same three or so sauces, wherever you look.

                                I've had ricotta gnocchi with sauteed zucchini, and with saffron-infused butter. Both were lovely, and a bit lighter than potato gnocchi.

                                A couple weeks ago, I made Marcella Hazan's carrot gnocchi, boiled as per usual, and just sprinkled the with cheese, dotted the top with butter and broiled them in the oven until golden and melty. Mmm...