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Good place to go in State College

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My wife and I are heading up to State College this weekend to visit our daughter who is a student at PSU. What do you recommend for something above the typical college-town fare? About the only places I have been so far are the Corner Room and an assortment of burger joints. Thanks!

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    1. I also recommend Zolas .. great food with a modern twist. Also, above the Corner Room, is Allen Street Grille. I've never been myself, but I know a lot of adults who go to escape the "typical college-town fare"

      1. Allen Street Grille, Irvings for breakfast or lunch. Nittany lion Inn.

          1. Faccia Luna is great...cute wood burning oven pizza place with good salads and pasta.

            Alto... nice Italian restaurant...short drive to Lemont in a really pretty old victorian house

            Spats...a little bit of everything...they say New Orleans cusine...not your typical college town fare.

            The Deli... good soups, sandwiches, salads

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              I have never been to Faccia Luna, menu looks great - we'll try it soon! Is it BYO?

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                I'm pretty sure they sell booze there.

            2. If you like Indian, check out Indian Pavilion on Calder Way (near Pugh, I believe)

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                There's also two other Indian joints in town. Kaarma at 120 E. Beaver Ave and Masala at 132 Sowers St.

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                  i'm staying near the corner room on nittany near beaver. Are there any good sushi places not too pricey?

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                    No, not really. It's central PA after all...

                    I'm confused as to where you are, because the Corner Room is on Allen/College, but whatevs.

                    You can try the Chinese/Japanese resto waaaaay down on E. College, as I've found their sushi chef and the quality of the fish to be acceptable. Far from good, though, so not pricey either ----

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                        Well, it's a pretty *small* town, so being a couple blocks up from College Ave. won't make that much of a difference.

                        There's also Say Sushi on Allen St., whose Korean food in my opinion -- and judging from the many Koreans who eat there -- is much better than their sushi.

              2. If you want to get a good feel for some of the restaurants in state college you might want to take a look at http://www.lionmenus.com/DineIn.aspx . They have menus for a lot of the restaurants around town.

                As for my personal picks:
                For some authentic Sichuan Chinese cuisine try Chopstick Express right across College from Old Main.
                Otto's Microbrewery has some good food and some good beer.
                Herwig's has home cooked Austrian food.
                Damon's Grill has some sweet chili wings and big screens if you want to watch the games.

                1. Herwigs, great Austrian food. It is the farthest you will get from lame industrial big box food. He has a limited daily menu on a chalkboard of well prepared food.

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                    I went to Herwig's the other night and although the food was good the staff was incredibly rude and the menu on the chalkboard difficult to read. An unpleasant experience.

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                      I think what you perceived as "rudeness" is their shtick = Austrian humor. Not for everyone, I suppose.

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                        Thats accurate, I rather enjoy his dry sense of humor and devotion to being an interesting neighborhood place with good food and real character.