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Apr 22, 2008 12:52 PM

Vegas Dinner for 8

I need help chowhounds - have reservations for a dinner for 4 couples in two weeks at DB Brasserie before we go to the late LOVE show. However.....been hearing some complaints from others in the group who don't want french food. Had a suggestion to find a place that will please more of the group...

So I'm thinking now either Mediterranean/Italian or Steak/Seafood. It's to celebrate a birthday so we want something "special but FUN". Around $50-60 per person without wine. The guys in the group DO NOT like little "precious" food.

On my list of possible switches are:

Delmonico Steakhouse
Corsa Cucina
or should we just go basic and go to McCormick & Schmick's that's near the strip?

Are these other places worth the extra $$ in terms of quality, atmosphere, and service??

THANKS for your input!

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  1. You will not be able to get out of Cut, Delmonico, or Craftsteak at $50-$60 per person unless you all really control the spending and do a lot of sharing. There are a few steaks on those menus that cost more than that by themselves.

    DB really is a great place. I was also going to suggest Bouchon but at the genetic level it's really the same thing as DB.

    I've never really heard anything about Corsa. It's one of those places that seems to get overlooked a lot being surrounded by the likes of Alex, Tableau, Okada, Country Club, etc. A quick glance at the menu shows that it could come in under your budget. You might also try the cafe at Postrio ( the "outside" seating area ) or Enoteca San Marco - both in St. Mark's Square at the Venetian and directly across the street from the Mirage. I had a dreadfully horrible experience at B&B ( consequently, I'll never return ... ) but I would still be up for trying Enoteca as I hear it's pretty tasty.

    1. Thanks AZ Birdie - I appreciate your recommends. Thanks for the heads-up about Corsa Cucina...I hadn't heard much about it either.

      The guys in the group have confirmed that they would prefer a steak menu over DB's. I'm not checking out the individual websites........leaning toward Craftsteak (eaten at the restaurants in NYC) but don't like the location as well. Perhaps I should check out Prime too. I know N9ne is NOT the atmosphere we want.....and yes on that $60 budget, I didn't mean wine or dessert actually as both of those will be handled seperately. But perhaps could we get by with $75 per person (starter, entre, plus sharing sides?). Some of the websites don't include prices......and I know that beef prices have shot up lately.

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        I volunteer for a local TV station where I live in Henderson, NV. Recently we interviewed the Chef at The Envy Steakhouse in the Renaissance Hotel. You could take the Monorial or catch a cab. It is next door to the Hilton. The prices are in your range and the food is very good, as is the atmosphere.

      2. Nine Steakhouse in the Palms Hotel is a great, hip restaurant, the atmosphere is very young and fun, but the service is great and still very professional. It has been a couple years since I have been but I am confident the restaurant still upholds to the same standards. Price range depending but the atmosphere, staff, and cuisine are well worth the money.

        1. I really think your group would enjoy's not the type of French food the guys in your group fear. There are many hearty dishes...loved the shortribs. I dined there recently with my "meat & potatoes" boyfriend and he really enjoyed the experience (food & atmosphere). But when dining in a group it's best to try to accommodate the majority so i'll have to second the recommendation from Lrvboss regarding Envy Steakhouse. Solidly good food, nice atmosphere, great service and in your price range. I'm generally bored with steakhouse menus but there is enough on the menu to make it interesting. They even have coupons on

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            They would not be able to get out of DB for $50-$60 unless they did the pre-fixe dinner before 7 pm. However, that dinner has only limited options and the only meat item is the burger. It is quite good, but the original poster seems to want steak options. The steaks at DB were in the $40-$50 range, as were many of the other options. I think the burgeris normally $34 on the dinner menu.

            I should add that my dinner at DB three weeks ago was extremely disappointing. I had the pre-fixe, which was a salad and a burger. My mother had a meadiocre cheese platter and an appetizer torte that sounded great (with fois gras and different game), but she wound up sending it back because it was dry and tasteless. They did not charge for the torte, but our bill with the pre-fixe, the cheese platter, and two desserts was $100. We would have been well over that if I had ordered of the menu or if they had not taken the torte off the menu.

          2. I agree with VegasEl on Envy its solid (well maybe thats because I dined there with her ) and there is a coupon you can get on that place that we can't mention here thats ridiculously killer -- almost half off. THey had some great reasonably prices wine too. Another place thats sort of fun for steak is Circus Circus Steak House. Old School Vegas -- looks like a blast from the past and the nice think that nothing is alacarte here...the only drawback is that you need to walk through Circus Circus and it smells

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            1. I'll post the discount website...although the Chowhound gods may delete this post. You can purchase the coupon on At Envy you can get a $75 certificate for $15. It's usually $30 but if you enter the promo code "mom" now through 5/11 they give you 50% off making it $15. So basically getting $60 taken off your tab...not bad at all. There are several places on that I'd go to anyday even without the coupon...Border Grill, RM Seafood, Rosemary's, Origin India, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, TC's Rib Crib & Andre's to name a few. It's definitely worth checking out. The certificates are good for a year and once you get on their mailing list they send you an email with the latest promo code....last week they were offering 70% off their regular prices.

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                Thanks all - I posted up above, but we did end up going to Daniel Boulud's Brasserie in the WYnn and thought it was really lovely. Like it a lot - good food and service, nice presentation, nice setting, lovely table settings. It fit the bill perfectly. We were not pushed to order more than we wanted. Oh! And the bathrooms are really pretty!