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Apr 22, 2008 12:45 PM

ISO Private work function location with patio - downtown TO

I am researching some locations for a work function in May. Ideally, a place downtown Toronto, with a patio, that can hold about 100 people. From searches on this board, past suggestions included The Drake, Savoy Bistro, Ultra, Seven...

can anyone comment on the pricing for these? I have no idea what is ballpark for a weeknight at any of these places (and I haven't been told of a budget), options for snacks/drinks etc. (is it standard to have that all included?)

Any other suggestions would be welcome!


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  1. I have no idea about pricing, but you may also want to consider Alice Fazooli's. It's not as fancy as the others mentioned, but they have a nice patio where you can arrange a BBQ, if interested also. I've been there for work functions and it's a good setting.

    1. Check out George -- the patio/courtyard is really beautiful.

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        oh, I did remember hearing the patio was lovely. I wonder if it would be a pricey venue as well...

      2. Of those, I think that the Savoy would definitely be the least expensive but I'm not sure there patio would hold 100 people. I went to a function there with about 35 people on the patio and it seemed fairly full.

        1. Hyatt Rooftop Patio may work for your needs

          1. Check out Vertical. The patio's quite large, though I'm not sure whether it would hold 100. I considered them for a function and they had some nice-looking food platter options which (considering the high quality of food there) weren't too expensive, as I recall (but not cheap, either).

            I also looked into George as a venue - though very lovely, it's also very expensive.