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ISO Private work function location with patio - downtown TO

I am researching some locations for a work function in May. Ideally, a place downtown Toronto, with a patio, that can hold about 100 people. From searches on this board, past suggestions included The Drake, Savoy Bistro, Ultra, Seven...

can anyone comment on the pricing for these? I have no idea what is ballpark for a weeknight at any of these places (and I haven't been told of a budget), options for snacks/drinks etc. (is it standard to have that all included?)

Any other suggestions would be welcome!


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  1. I have no idea about pricing, but you may also want to consider Alice Fazooli's. It's not as fancy as the others mentioned, but they have a nice patio where you can arrange a BBQ, if interested also. I've been there for work functions and it's a good setting.

    1. Check out George -- the patio/courtyard is really beautiful.

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        oh, I did remember hearing the patio was lovely. I wonder if it would be a pricey venue as well...

      2. Of those, I think that the Savoy would definitely be the least expensive but I'm not sure there patio would hold 100 people. I went to a function there with about 35 people on the patio and it seemed fairly full.

        1. Hyatt Rooftop Patio may work for your needs

          1. Check out Vertical. The patio's quite large, though I'm not sure whether it would hold 100. I considered them for a function and they had some nice-looking food platter options which (considering the high quality of food there) weren't too expensive, as I recall (but not cheap, either).

            I also looked into George as a venue - though very lovely, it's also very expensive.

            1. You may want to try Remys in Yorkville.. While it is not a place I recomend for fine dining dinner the have a huge rooftop patio and do treat large groups up there right.. as far as I know there is no charge for the space and they have party menus for snacks and nibbles. And may even provide a discount on drinks for a group that size.

              1. thanks for the suggestions! We are likely going with Remy's, cost wise the other places were too steep. I hope it turns out. I've never had the food there.

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                  Have not been to Remy’s in years so can’t comment on the food these days.
                  Have you considered Queens Quay. There are great patio’s right on the lake with great views that accommodate up to 200 persons and not over the top price wise and easy to get to TTC, GO, etc.
                  These places cater to private functions with choices of Hors D'oeuvres, snacks
                  BB’Qs, buffets, dinner, pizza, you name it.

                  Waterfront Bistro $$ - live music, lovely place

                  The BoatHouse Grill - http://boathousegrill.sites.toronto.com/

                  Tried and true IL FORNELLO, 207 Queen’s Quay
                  Love the patio, great chairs and cushions nice and sunny for a May event.
                  Food good as always. Ilfornello.com
                  I planned many an event for my office and I know about the pressure of making the right choice to please all. Hope it goes well and have fun.

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                    thanks for the suggestions! do you know if the Waterfront Bistro charges for the space? it looks like a great venue, and free parking helps too! I've never heard of this place, how's the food?

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                      First of all, it's Waterside Bistro (as in WaterSIDE) and it's part of a sports club

                      It might be optimistic thinking that weather conditions will be perfect for dining out in May in Toronto!

                      That's why ideally, you should consider a situation where you can entertain outside and then retire within when it starts to get chilly (or rainy or snowy, whatever). I think Waterside offers you that option.

                      I haven't actually been to Waterside but a close friend of mine who is a professional event planner has used it for her own personal events, ie a birthday party and she recommends it.

                      BUT there was a recent post by googs that there is noisy construction going on next door -- not sure about the timing of that.

                      Waterside Bistro
                      255 Queens Quay E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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                        Thanks for the correction, was thinking of the waterfront while immersed in endless tax forms. Did not know about the construction and agree weather is unstable, but they do have a lovely dining area inside.

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                        The food at Waterside Bistro is barely passable. They grossly understaff the wait staff so service is terrible. The room, well, I'd be being kind if I described it as rustic. It's kind of a run-down & tattered cottage. For what you're looking for, I strongly advise against it. It's great for a drink OUTDOORS, but not for a dinner.

                        I haven't been to Boathouse Grill, but if you've read one roadhouse menu you've read 'em all. Why would anyone who doesn't live nearby go?

                        Not sure if the Hyatt's Rooftop could accomodate 100. The patio itself seats roughly 30 I'd guess. Then there's the lovely breeze at this time of year. It is one of the best patios in town, but that's for another discussion.

                        Remy's sounds like a reasonable plan. If you're looking at Yorkville I like the Hemingway's patio as well.

                        P.S. If any restaurant says they're charging anything other than a fixed gratuity for the privilege of serving your group you should just hang up.