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Apr 22, 2008 12:41 PM

Restaurant in Melrose Park area

My husband and I are going on a rare night out this Saturday. We are seeing a play at Walther Luther High School. Would appreciate a recommendation for a restaurant not too far away. Casual is preferable, price not too high. We're pretty adventurous with different cuisines, so open to suggestion there.

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  1. Try Danny's Deli, a small neighborhood, casual Italian restaurant in Melrose Park and just minutes from Walther ( north on 9th Ave. to Division then west to 15th Ave.)
    The fried romaine & sausage as an appetizer is really good. As an entree I love the rolled eggplant but it's not always on the menu.Here are a couple links with reviews. The address & phone number shows in one of the links.


    1. Russell's BBQ is a very casual place with decent food and close by. Although I like the ribs for what they are, they are really best known for their BBQ beef sandwich and their thin spicy bbq sauce.