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Apr 22, 2008 12:03 PM

Guy Savoy Paris Prices

Hi Everybody.

This is my first post in this message board.
I want to say hi and thank the whole community for your time and help.

My Wife and I will be in Paris the last week of May 2008.
We already have reservations for Guy Savoy for dinner and it is going to be the very first time we eat at a 3 star restaurant.
How much do you think I should expect to pay for dinner?
2 persons, 2 kirs, 1 large bottle of sparkling water, 1 entrée each one, 1 main dish each one, dessert for Her, cheese plate for me and a nice bottle of Burgundy (100 Euros for the bottle perhaps?)
Currently I am working on our budget but I’m totally lost on this dinner.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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  1. Ouch. Don't take kirs at Guy Savoy (rather a Gewurtzraminer VT from Ostertag, take my word for it), but the short answer is 800 euros. Menus are 245/295, though you can organise a meal for 150 if you're very careful? Then you have a wide choice of excellent wines and you should let Eric Mancio advise you, for he's on the best. But nothing is cheap at Savoy. And there's no way anyone has no dessert there.

    In general, that's the kind of question well answered by the Michelin:

    1. I'd rather scrimp on the rest of the trip and skip all my other meals than try to go to Guy Savoy on the cheap. You've never visited a three-star restaurant before, who knows when you'll have another opportunity, so if I were in your place (and I was - had one the best meals of my life at Guy Savoy) I'd throw caution to the wind and not worry about the cost, except maybe on the wine. And I agree with Souphie, you can't skip dessert.

      Indulge yourself and forget everything else for one night!

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      1. re: janniecooks

        Hi souphie and janniecooks.
        Thank you very much for your prompt answers.

        Now that you both emphasize it so much, I had second thought about the deserts. I will order desert when we go.
        About the cost of the dinner, well, I already know it is not going to be cheap. I needed the figure because I was working on my budget. Actually an estimate I had before was like 700 Euros, so I was not that mistaken.

        Dear souphie, why didn’t you like the kirs there?



        1. re: GreenB

          It's just that a kir is not nearly as good as the wines Mancio selects. I'm sure they can make one but it would be like asking them for a toasted cheese.

          1. re: souphie

            Hi souphie.

            OK. I understand about the Kir.

            I have few another questions:
            I know that in France the tip is included in the bill, but it is a custom to leave a small amount if the service was impeccable.
            How much do you think I should leave on an 800 eruos bill?
            Do I add it to the credit card slip or just leave the amount over the table when I leave?
            Do I tip the sommelier, Mr. Eric Mancio?
            How much do you suggest I should tip the lady at the wardrobe?
            For the aperitif, do I just call for Mr. Mancio and let him order the aperitif?
            What do you usually do / order?

            As you can see we are new to this world. I want to do things right and not disappoint anybody.

            Thanks for your Precious Help.

            1. re: GreenB

              They're here to please you, and that very much is the philosophy of the restaurant. M. Mancio is the director of the restaurant. Just let them advise you wise wine. Tell them what kind of things you like, and your budget, and trust them. If you want to discuss the wines before or after hand, feel free. Actually, if you want to discuss anything about the meal, they will be available and delighted. Usual apéritifs are champagne or white wines, but of course there's no obligation. Re: tip, you can leave some money on the table. You can't write the tip on the credit card bill so if you want to leave a tip using the credit card, warn them before you pay. Btw, you probably know it but in France it is impolite to bring the check until you ask for it. The wardrobe woman you can leave a few euros -- coins, possibly a bill of five. A bit more for the car valet, who is a local star -- in Palaces, they charge you fifteen euros for car service. It can be anywhere between, say 0 and 50 euros. More makes you a rich American, but after all, there's nothing wrong with that.

              Btw, if you want the tasting menu, make sure that the last few meals before have been light. It really is a ton of food.

              1. re: souphie

                Dear souphie:

                I REALLY appreciate the information you have given me. I thank you VERY much for the time you have taken to do so.
                I will let you know how our dinner went.
                I am hoping it is our best meal of our life.



                1. re: GreenB

                  You are in for a real treat..Savoy is an amazing experience! In the US they advertise Disneyland as "The happiest Place on Earth"...I disagree, for me Guy Savoy is the "The Happiest Place on Earth". The day I had Lunch there I didn't want to leave - ever.. They make you feel so good and so welcome and happy and well fed.....seriously, I have 25 years in the Hospitality Industry as Chef and restaurant owner - this place is fantastic. Let them help plan the meal with you, follow their suggestions, you won't regret it. I think about the time I ate there most every day. I can't wait to go back. The best advice you got was from janniecooks
                  "I'd throw caution to the wind and not worry about the cost"...just sit back and enjoy the show!

            2. re: souphie

              Souphie is spot on about the Kir. Traditionally it was the way poor quality white wine was made palatable so not really a "sophisticated" drink.

              You will often find that restaurants will have their own aperitif, often these can be similar to a Kir, but made with different (more subtle) liqueurs, like almond, or blackberry (mure), blueberry (myrtle) - when offered an aperitif always worth asking what their house one is.

              My personal preference is to see if they have a good aged riesling, if you find one with a few years of age they are very good and can really prepare the palete for a good meal. The Gewurtzraminer would hot the spot.

              Best advice in a restaurant of this quality is to trust the professionals - they are there to help - always let the sommelier know roughly how much you want to spend - it helps them and they don't have to play a guessing game about your budget, and you don't get embarrassed into spending more than you want. A good technique is to select a couple of bottles in your price range and say "I was thinking of one of these, what would you recomend?".

        2. You will have a wonderful time; the food is great, the service delightful, BUT, it is whoppingly expensive. Don't skimp on food. You can order "reasonbly" priced wine. One tip, which may sound silly but can save a lot, is to be careful with your water consumption there. Guy Savoy is very service-oriented and they will keep bringing bottles of mineral water without asking as long as you keep drinking them, and that can really add up. You can always ask for a carafe of water (free) too.
          Other than that, just enjoy an experience that is close to perfection.

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          1. re: rifbat

            Hi everybody. This is GreenB again. This has been a busy day so far…

            In response to what rifbat said:
            Isn’t out of place to order a plain carafe of water at Guy Savoy?

            In response to mdietrich:
            I just hope we enjoy Guy Savoy as much as you have!!!!

            And I just have another general question, that I did ask before but I don’t have the figure yet:
            Besides the service that is included in the total bill, how much do you think it is polite to leave at the table when we leave for an 800 Euros bill?
            I know that this is a personal matter but we are new to this world and I just don’t know what to do or who to ask.

            1. re: GreenB

              Absolutely fine to order tap water - we never order anything else.

              In France tipping in a restaurant is more symbolic than anything else. If you have good service you leave a few euros (coins) it is a symbol that you recieved good service. For a €800 menu maybe €20 would be fine - but it is really what makes you feel comfortable.

              1. re: GreenB

                The tip question was the one to which I answered 0 to 50. Car valet was 15.

                About the water, Savoy and other top restaurants renew your water automatically when they only charge you one. They can't charge you for sth you did not order. So if they renew the water without being asked, they won't charge you. That's what they do in classy three stars, and also the reason why water there tend to be so expensive. Of course if they ask whether you want a new bottle then you can say yes, tap. At Savoy, you can even say "not if I have to pay for it".

                1. re: souphie

                  Hi PhilD and souphie

                  Thanks for the answer on the tip.

                  I just re-read the "tip question was the one to which I answered 0 to 50" and I didn't understand that you were referring to the service.
                  I thought that you were talking about tipping 0-50 Euros to the valet parking. Go figure :-)

                  If I do like the service, which I don’t see why I wouldn’t, I’ll make sure to leave something behind.

                  Now I have some questions about the food but that is on a different topic.

                  THANK YOU very much for your help as you have given me confidence. It means that we will be more relaxed and be able to fully enjoy the evening without worries.