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Apr 22, 2008 11:59 AM

Chow Chau City and Maria's - report

My daughter and I wanted to avoid the throngs of people watching the marathon around our neighborhood in Newton, so we headed into downtown for some Chow and shopping. Started with dim sum at Chow Chau City. Yum!!! We were pretty hungry upon arrival and kept saying "yes" to every seafood cart that came along. As a result, we got a nice comparison of the various shellfish dumplings. Of the shrimp, shrimp/scallop and lobster, I'd have to claim the shrimp as the hands down winner. Very tender and sweet. The shrimp/scallop placed second, followed by the lobster. I was a little disappointed, as they were a little the lobster meat was tough and the flavor really not reminiscent of lobster at all. We also had the salt and pepper shrimp which were great and surprisingly complex in flavor. Clams w/black bean sauce were also good, but the small mahogany clams were slighter less flavorful than in the past. After a few hours of shopping, we hiked over to Maria's Pastry Shop for my first taste of their cannolis. Thanks to all hounds for this rec, as the shells were light and the filling sweet and creamy, without being overly sweet.

We took our trainride back to Newton exhausted, but with our bellies full and happy!

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  1. Two of my favorite places on one day! I've never been partial to lobster dumplings at any of the dim sum places and I think it's because they all use a canned product. On the other hand, the lobster tail at Maria's is excellent with a lemon flavored cream.