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Apr 22, 2008 11:46 AM

Harvest in Montauk?

Am planning a weekend trip out east in early May with husband. Last time, two years ago, we stayed at the divey Royal Atlantic and ate at Harvest. I remember it being a really sweet place. Is it still good? I haven't really seen it come up in the posts. I've been stalking "Coll" from Long Island who seems to have great recommendations for local places to eat, imbibe, and stay. We're definitely heading to the Montaukket, and also thinking of doing take-out from The Dock on the beach, weather permitting. Are there any inexpensive inns or b&b's that would easily accommodate our picnic with champagne desires?

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  1. We have eaten at Harvest about two years ago and it was very good. Large portions, so it is good with 4-6 people.

    One of our favorite things is to get take-out lobster, from the seafood store on Gosman's dock. Sitting on the back deck of our boat and eating a really large lobster with a tumblerfull of local chardonnay looking out at Montauk Harbor is a lovely experience.

    We have had some terrible experiences at the Crow's Nest. The last time that we had dinner at the Montauk Yacht Club, amateurish service accompanied really expensive ordinary food.

    I like the outdoor deck type restaurant at Star Island Marina, especially for lunch.

    O'Murphy's Pub is excellent and reasonablly priced for comfort food, and they have 2 for 1 nights.


    1. Harvest is a favorite with the locals, which is a good sign. I'm never sure when they're opening for the season though, so call ahead. It's where everyone goes to celebrate occasions.
      Montaukett is open for lunch only from 12 to 2, but has good food at great prices. No ambience inside but what a view, and I think they have picnic benches if you wanted to eat outside. Duryea's up from the railroad station is great for lunch too, you can sit on their dock while you eat, clam shack type food. The beach near The Dock is a great hang out place, and I'm sure they do take out, but I've always stayed inside, you get all the fisherman coming in and it's sort of fun to hang out. Right on the circle there, we always stay at Sail Inn, should be around $79, clean but not fancy, however you can stay for one night if you want unlike most places: very cheap drinks (like $2!) and he has a little kitchen too when he gets around to it. Maybe he could make a little picnic lunch for you to take with you if you ask ahead. There is a hot dog truck right on the beach too if that's your thing, but be warned they're $2.50 apiece! Or go to Gaviola's Deli across from Viking Fleet and get sandwiches or hot stuff to take out.

      1. What about Dave's Grill? Whenever we talk Montauk, Dave's Grill is always mentioned. My wife and I have yet to try it, but everyone who knows it....raves about it or has been turned away by the lines. It always receives a 26 in Zagats.

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          I know they're not open yet, sometime next month but not sure when. We tried to go once but between the wait and the high prices to eat in such a small mobbed atmosphere, we didn't even try to go back.

          1. re: coll

            re Dave's Grill's crowds and high prices add a surly maitres d'hote to make the meal truly unpleasant.

            1. re: feelinpeckish

              I don't remember what, but we were turned off by something, probably was the way they told us about the wait.

        2. I also like ENE (sister rest. of the Harvest).