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Apr 22, 2008 11:39 AM

My boyfriend loves steak

Where to go for his birthday?

We've already been to:
- Peter Luger (numerous times)
- Keens
- Wolfgang's
- Smith & Wollensky
- Strip House
- Craftsteak
- Quality Steaks

Suggestions for something we haven't tried yet? We're all in our 20s-30s so somewhere "young" would be nice, but its really great steaks we're after, not atmosphere.

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  1. well, you went to the usual suggest Landmarc in Tribeca...not a steakhouse per se, but have a good variety of meats.

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    1. re: sam1

      Is there any difference between Landmarc in Tribeca and the one at the Time Warner Center?

      1. re: KittyK

        the one in tribeca has a better vibe, less stuffy

    2. BLT Prime - younger vibe and great steaks and sides.

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      1. re: ESNY

        2nd BLT Prime, always have a great meal there.

        I also enjoyed Porter House in the Time Warner Center.

      2. Ditto on BLT Prime. The sides there are amazing. The steak is great, too, although it had a little too much of that charred crust thing going on (which I realize some people love). I guess I would add Dylan Prime, which is not a personal favorite but other people seem to like it a lot. Also, the space there is very "young," especially compared to spots like Luger's and S&W. Also, it's not a steak place, but Del Posto has a rib eye for two that is ridiculously good.

        1. Counter-intuitive, but check out the recs for steak at Gotham Bar and Grill. Loved mine.

          1. Hi KittyK,

            I am no steak expert but I had a few dinners with my steak-loving friend who is very knowledgable about steak (his dad was in the same business). He was very satisfied with the porterhouse and rib-eye at Bobby Van's (despite its chain-like image). The sides, like the hash potates, were also very delicious. The caveat of this restaurant is that there were a lot of business lunches and dinners during weekdays, and weekends are more lively.

            Not sure if location makes a difference but in we went to the Bobby Van's on 54th st.

            The other place that we recently went was Primehouse. We shared a 40-day aged bone-in ribeye and a porterhouse and both were declared by my friend as succulent and probably aged. In particular I loved the meat adhered to the bone-in aged ribeye becauce of its nuanced "aged" flavor. (That's why I always like to order aged bone-in ribeye). The sides were just ok but I did like their seafood apps such as the scallop ceviche. I cared less about the $2 extra sauces. Both my friend and I thought that the steaks were good enough to stand on their own.

            Desserts were again ok. The mini-donuts were delicious assuming that you still have space after all the steaks.

            My friend mentioned that most of the times each steakhouse has a cut/steak or two that stands out, but rarely the whole steak section of the menu. Therefore I think it does make a difference depending on what cut or steak (dry aged or not, etc.) your bf likes.