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My boyfriend loves steak

Where to go for his birthday?

We've already been to:
- Peter Luger (numerous times)
- Keens
- Wolfgang's
- Smith & Wollensky
- Strip House
- Craftsteak
- Quality Steaks

Suggestions for something we haven't tried yet? We're all in our 20s-30s so somewhere "young" would be nice, but its really great steaks we're after, not atmosphere.

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  1. well, you went to the usual suspects...id suggest Landmarc in Tribeca...not a steakhouse per se, but have a good variety of meats.

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      Is there any difference between Landmarc in Tribeca and the one at the Time Warner Center?

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        the one in tribeca has a better vibe, less stuffy

    2. BLT Prime - younger vibe and great steaks and sides.

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        2nd BLT Prime, always have a great meal there.

        I also enjoyed Porter House in the Time Warner Center.

      2. Ditto on BLT Prime. The sides there are amazing. The steak is great, too, although it had a little too much of that charred crust thing going on (which I realize some people love). I guess I would add Dylan Prime, which is not a personal favorite but other people seem to like it a lot. Also, the space there is very "young," especially compared to spots like Luger's and S&W. Also, it's not a steak place, but Del Posto has a rib eye for two that is ridiculously good.

        1. Counter-intuitive, but check out the recs for steak at Gotham Bar and Grill. Loved mine.

          1. Hi KittyK,

            I am no steak expert but I had a few dinners with my steak-loving friend who is very knowledgable about steak (his dad was in the same business). He was very satisfied with the porterhouse and rib-eye at Bobby Van's (despite its chain-like image). The sides, like the hash potates, were also very delicious. The caveat of this restaurant is that there were a lot of business lunches and dinners during weekdays, and weekends are more lively.

            Not sure if location makes a difference but in we went to the Bobby Van's on 54th st.

            The other place that we recently went was Primehouse. We shared a 40-day aged bone-in ribeye and a porterhouse and both were declared by my friend as succulent and probably aged. In particular I loved the meat adhered to the bone-in aged ribeye becauce of its nuanced "aged" flavor. (That's why I always like to order aged bone-in ribeye). The sides were just ok but I did like their seafood apps such as the scallop ceviche. I cared less about the $2 extra sauces. Both my friend and I thought that the steaks were good enough to stand on their own.

            Desserts were again ok. The mini-donuts were delicious assuming that you still have space after all the steaks.

            My friend mentioned that most of the times each steakhouse has a cut/steak or two that stands out, but rarely the whole steak section of the menu. Therefore I think it does make a difference depending on what cut or steak (dry aged or not, etc.) your bf likes.

            1. craft much better than your other suggestions

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                Not true. I'd never say "much better" than BLT Prime. And you're probably referring to Craftsteak. However, I will say, if you go to Craftsteak, order the grass-fed beef. Tastes much better than corn fed.

              2. also have a serious steak bf - in addition to your list which definitely has a lot of the serious players, i like bobby vans and dylan prime (younger more festive atmosphere there), and the bf likes sparks (a little too clubby masculine for me), old homestead (a classic, but i think the steak is not quite wolfgangs/luger level) and del friscos (he thinks might be better than lugers!)

                1. Try The Knickerbocker on University & 9th - fabulous porterhouse steaks and everything else! Clubby, reliable, good salads and desserts also.

                  1. I am not a big steak eater but my husband is. You might want to try Del Frisco's, Dylan Prime, Porter House New York. All three had very good steak. If you up for a meat orgie go to Churrascaria Plataforma. It's a really good Brazilian Steakhouse. Lots of fun, lots of meat. If you want to try kobe beef go to Kobe club and get the sampler, it lets you compare kobe from 3 regions.

                    1. Sparks is an old-line steak place. Definitely masculine and clubby, and it was a favorite hangout for mob-types who liked steak for many years. Probably one of the best steak dinners we've ever had in NYC, although also the most expensive, at about $150 each, with wine.

                      1. Although Sparks is usually my favorite-i recently enjoyed a great steak at Market Table. I was so surprised how good it was. I also recenly had the rib eye for two at Babbo-Erthereal!!!

                        1. What about Kobe Club or Quality Meats? they are both fantastic!

                          1. you can't go wong with BLT Prime too. It is young and fun and the steaks and sides are great!

                            1. The cafe at Fairway on 74th has very good steak and burgers. It's different from the other places you've mentioned (far more casual), but may be worth your time for a casual meal.

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                                the food at fairway is ok, not good, not great, but ok..service is horrible..to eat there b/4 the beacon show is ok, keep your expectations low

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                                  I agree that much of the food on the menu is uninteresting, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the burgers and steak. They use good (flavorful, tender) meat and prepare simply -- which is perfect treatment for each, in my book.

                                  So for these two items, at least, one could do far worse. To my surprise, I've had better burger /steak experiences at Fairway than I've had at BLT Prime.

                              2. delfrisco's is amazing...probably the best steak in NYC in my opinion. lots of suits there at dinner but worth it.

                                1. Definitely will agree with everyone on BLT Prime. The steak and food overall is incredible. Inventive sides and desserts you won't find at many other steakhouses. Another nominee that nobody ever gives props to is Uncle Jack's steakhouse. I had one of the best ribeyes ever there. They call it the "Fred Flinstone". AMazingly delicious.

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                                      Agreed on UNCLE Jack's....try BEN and Jack's

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                                        Another nod for Ben and Jack's, for sure.

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                                        Wow I really disagree. What made your experience bad?

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                                          Granted I've only eaten at Uncle jack's once, but I found it a very pleasant experience. I wouldn't necessarily put it in my top-tier, but I found it to be a solid option.

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                                            mediocre food, does it every time lololol