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Apr 22, 2008 11:26 AM

Mom is turning 60!

If you had to plan a night in Seattle for your mom's big birthday, where would you go? We are from out of town, but eat most anything (not spicy) and particularly love seafood--but are open to all suggestions. Also, my dad would rather not wear a tie (no usually a problem in Seattle, but it might take some places out of the running).

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Ray's Boathouse on Shilshole Bay is a pretty good place for out of towners. It is on the water and on a nice day the view is pretty hard to beat. The seafood is pretty good. Defintely an occasion type place.

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      Try to time Ray's so you arrive in full day and get to see the twilight on the water. Surety of this pretty much restricts you to late July through early August, so you might want to ask mom if the date of her birthday is negotiable, depending... Others I have enjoyed include Ponti (subtler perhaps, than Ray) and Chinook's (not so subtle, but reliably satisfactory, and with good outdoor seating for, say, late July through early August).

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        I agree with Ray's. We take out-of-town family and friends there and they always love it as much as we do.

      2. I'm 60 and my mom is 87. We took my mom to Dahlia Lounge for her birthday and she loved it. I have been to Ray's several times, and admit you have to try it at least once. I also love Ponti Grill. You can't beat Ray's or Salty's on Alki for the view. For MY birthday I would probably chose the Juanita Cafe, which is the best dinner I ever had. But....if she is not a true foodie, it might be a waste of money. Elliott's Oyster House is also fun. I guarantee you that your presence at her birthday celebration will outweigh where you eat.

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          Dahlia is a good call. It's where I'd take my mom, no question.

        2. My dad just turned 60 and we went to Canlis. It was pricey, but a great time for such a special occasion. They require a jacket, but no tie.