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Apr 22, 2008 11:19 AM

Any recs in Brea

I am looking for a nice to classy restaurant for my daughter's prom. dinner. Any type of food is o.k. Thank-you, luvs2shop

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  1. La Vie en Rose, Brea (near mall)
    Summit House (Fullerton at Brea border)
    Cedar Creek may be too casual...
    The Cellar (old Fullertown) may be too formal...

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    1. re: OCBites

      Of those four, I'd agree with La Vie en Rose & The Cellar. LVeR is a bit more relaxed than The Cellar.

    2. The White House in Anaheim has a special Prom menu. Menu items named after the movie stars who favor them. A lot more fun than the others. Look at their website for the menu.

      1. Taps - seafood and steak. By classy I am interpreting it to mean good service, more tasteful & elegant decoration/environment than your average restaurants.

        I won't consider Le Vie en Rose as 'classy'. Kind of more like country French (when we went many years ago the place is decorated with plastic flower garlands, if my memory served me right). Food's OK but didn't inspire me to go back.

        Funny enough, one of the most popular restaurant it seems for teen events in Brea is BJ's Brewery. Every time I go there there seems to be groups of 10+ teens rather dressed up dining there.

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        1. re: notmartha

          I'd go with Taps. The food is good, the menu has a wide variety of things, and I bet it would appeal to teens.

          1. re: glutton

            Thank-You for all the recs. I showed my daughter these suggestions. We both thought that the White House is VERY nice.

        2. I am currently doing exactly the same thing, except prom is in hollywood for my daughter. Glad I could help! I am just thankful we finally found THE dress!!!!! ( Four ten hour shopping trips, both LA and OC, later.....) I have been hoping for a prom near OC so I could send them to the White House too. One more daughter to go, so might still have the chance.