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Apr 22, 2008 11:19 AM

Snappy Sushi, Davis Sq?

Another sushi question. I hate wasting good money on bad food so I was wondering if anyone had done the dirty work for me....anyone tried this place? It looks small and cute and close enough to me for takeout...what are people's experience's of the food first and foremost, and any other general comments. Thanks!

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  1. It's open?
    It still had the paper on the windows on Sunday and didn't look open at all.

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    1. re: tallullah

      I think I saw people in it a couple of days ago, pretty sure but not positive...

      1. re: shellicopter

        It was open yesterday. Haven't tried yet. The name is terrible, but maybe it will be better than it sounds. Let us know how it is when you check it out!

    2. I walked by yesterday afternoon and there were people eating in there. I did notice on the door that they are open for lunch then close at 3. They re-open for dinner at 5 iirc. I didn't look at the menu though.

      1. FYI - Snappy Sushi is the second outpost for Shino Sushi of Newbury St. Expect just that. They are doing the 'brown rice only' thing as well.

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        1. re: teaTomE

          Thanks, I thought it might be...any thoughts on Shino? I've never had brown rice sushi, how does it compare?

          1. re: shellicopter

            The one time I tried Shino (not the brown rice sushi), I wasn't impressed with their freshness of product, though it was hard to argue with the price. Unfortunately with sushi, freshness matters to the point of being a deal-breaker, at least for me.

        2. Just shoot over to Porter an hit Blue Fin.

          Snappy sushi? What kind of a name is that?

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            1. re: tallullah

              Doesn't "snappy" mean quick - I mean, I want quick sushi only slightly more that I would want "discount" sushi or "mostly fresh" sushi..

              1. re: grant.cook

                Oh I don't know. If I'm grabbing sushi to take and eat outside in the park, I might like it snappy. I'm totally with you on "discount" sushi, tho.

                To get a little more on-topic ... has anyone tried the brown rice sushi? If that's the only option I'm sticking with Blue Fin unless a hound here raves...

            2. re: grant.cook

              They only serve species of snapper and the occasional piranha.

            3. I think they're just trying to be silly with the name, that's all.

              Anyway, I went there last week (I think the 2nd day it was opened) and it was quite good! I got a shrimp tempura roll, three pieces of nigiri, and miso soup...a pretty sweet sushi binge. Very filling and yummy. :)