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Apr 22, 2008 11:05 AM

Good Sports Bar In Portland

Hello everyone this is my first post. I'm planning a vacation in Portland soon and I'm bringing a friend that loves Sport's Bars! He loves their food, can anyone recommend a good fun Sport's Bar in Portland with great food and a friendly atmosphere? We will be traveling in the area around mid-May any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Marilyn
Ontario Canada

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  1. Stanich's on either Fremont in NE or on Kelly near John's landing-- no hype great burgers --draw back only two tvs

    1. I had an excellent burger and tater tot nachos at Blitz, a sports bar on NW 10th St in the Pearl district. The downstairs bar is where the sports bar action is. Plenty of TVs and games. But I loved those nachos!

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        I'll agree. I work in the area and patronize Blitz for lunch on occasion. I have been pleasantly surprised with the decent quality of their food /pub grub.

      2. Hey Marilyn,

        Near Portland State Univ. is the Cheerful Tortoise. Been there a couple of times. 6 big screens around the bar. Pretty good selection of Portland microbrews on tap, more in bottles, (along with spirits). Good food menu. Gets filled up with exuberant folk when any Oregon college team is being televised.

        1939 SW Sixth Ave (SW College and 6th Ave)
        Portland, OR 97201
        Phone: (503) 224-3377


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          I love the Cheerful Tortoise for sports. So many flat screen TVs and so many tables and stools, and accommodating staff allows you to watch whatever it is you want to watch on the screen in front of you.

          HOWEVER - The food is forgettable. Do NOT go here for the food. There is food, and it's just what you expect from a sports bar, so don't get your hopes up!

          Big Al's is a great place in Vancouver just on the other side of the river from Portland. Every square inch of the 4,000 sq ft venue is covered in huge tv's and even small ones. It is literally impossible to miss a second of the game even if you go to the restroom. The food is fresh and good. Plus they have the coolest lounge style bowling alley; shuffle board; pool tables and more. All public buildings in Washington are smoke free. It is worth the 15 minute drive.

          1. Thank you so much for replying and with so much great information too! A friend of ours that we lost touch with has recently started working at a Sports bar in Portland and we wanted to surprise him when we visit out there but we aren't sure which Sport's Bar he is managing. And we can't contact him ahead now so was just going to make the rounds. He said the food was really good and that it got busy on Friday nights. Thats all we really know but this will give us a head start he starts work at 5pm I know that much!

            Thanks Again!

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              Be forewarned that the list mentioned is far from comprehensive.

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                Yeah, there's also Upper Deck in the Pearl, which might be his place. You might hint about what part of town he works in (i.e. is it a long commute, etc.) If you can determine the neighborhood, chances are you'll find the right place. Also Google his name?