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Apr 22, 2008 10:39 AM

Jamie Kennedy's Gilead Café?

Anyone heard anything on this? From the rumour I remember, he is opening this place on the site of his current corporate offices, and then will move his corporate office elsewhere outside of the city.

Any truth to this? Or an opening date?

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  1. Yup, it's true.

    I asked JK about it at an event a couple of weeks ago, and he said they were hoping to open 'mid-April', although the JK website still says "opening soon".

    They will be serving light breakfast and simple lunches, but there will be no dinner service. Instead, it will be available as an event space in the evenings, including kitchen access.

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      1. re: grilledcheese

        Ya gotta love Craig's List.

        4 Gilead Place exactly.

        Hopefully this will do no damage to Weezie's. I pray their patrons remain loyal despite the name brand chef moving into the neighbourhood.

    1. according to JK recently, april 28 is the opening date.

      1. We went to 4 Gilead once for "tea time" this week. 3 comments;
        Nice interior with an unfortunate view of the Brad Lamb construction site across the alley,
        Very creamy curd in the lemon tart on overworked pastry,
        Thinly flavoured coffee, definitely not overextracted.

        1. Dropped by yesterday but they were just closing at 6pm. Lots of delicious looking sweets, including French marcaroons. They also have takeout prepped food such as rabbit stew, burgers and sausages to finish at home.

          Lunch was served from 11 to 2.

          1. I have been there a few times now (walking distance from here). I can easily see it as a good go-to lunch place on the weekends for me.

            Have had one full meal, a slightly salty for me personally but still VERY tasty. I had the beer battered fish with frites SO had the poutine and the wild leek soup with morels (this was about 2 weeks ago) Went last sunday at about 9 (they open at 8) but other than the breads and pastries there really isn't anything for the breakfast crown the a la carte doesn't start until 11).

            On their take-out stuff, got to say the bread is excellent! I am however a little sad to admit that I find their pastries (croissants and danishes) a little heavy handed. Also took two of their chocolate chip cookies to go, FANTASTIC!

            The staff are very sweet with no pretension. I went the first time just a few days after they opened and found the person there exceedingly friendly and very enthusiastic about the new business. Overall if you want JK cuisine without the crowds I would highly recommend Gilead Cafe!