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Apr 22, 2008 10:12 AM

Peruvian chicken in Chicago?

I am moving to Chicago from DC and am trying to find a replacement for my favorite spot in DC, El Pollo Rico in Arlington. It's a Peruvian chicken spot, the menu only has three choices 1/4, 1/2, or whole. If you don't know what it is, it's basically deliciously seasoned rotisserie chicken served with a couple different types of sauces/salsas. Does this sound like anything anyone has heard of in Chicago?

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  1. Chicago has had Peruvian restaurants for many years (although I've never heard of one that only serves a single dish). You'll find some recommendations in the topic at You can also find a listing of Peruvian restaurants in the area at

    1. I lived in DC and am very familiar w/El Pollo Rico. Yum! I've never found anything here like it. I've been to a Peruvian spot I like though called "Taste of Peru" on Clark in Rogers Park.

      1. The Flying Chicken in Lakeview on Lincoln Avenue just north of Grace serves similar mesquite roasted Colombian rotisserie chicken. It's best right out of the oven. The empanadas, arepas, tostones, maduros, yucca, are tops too! There are many Colombian restaurants in the city that serve the rotisserie chicken but none as good as the Flying Chicken.

        Also try Las Tablas Colombian Steakhouse on Lincoln Avenue in west Lincoln Park. The pounded nicely spiced chicken or steak Churrasco is excellent. Many other notable items too.
        I hear that Papi's Chicken on Division is quite good as well...Puerto Rican I think.

        1. D'Candela specializes in Peruvian roast chicken. Last year it replaced La Granja, which was a mix of Peruvian roast chicken and Mexican. There is a thread with pictures on D'Candela on LTH Forum:

          I am not certain whether Mr. Pollo is Columbian or Ecuadoran roast chicken, but they have two locations that are primarily carryout along with a few tables.

          Metromix doesn't know D'Candela or the Montrose location of Mr. Pollo exist.

          4053 North Kedzie

          Mr. Pollo
          3000 West Belmont Ave.
          2937 West Montrose

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          1. re: Eldon Kreider

            Actually, Metromix knows that Mr. Pollo exists (at least, the Belmont location); it just doesn't have the word "Peruvian" in the listing, so it doesn't come up on a search using that criterion (it would if you searched on "South American").

            1. re: nsxtasy

              I know that Metromix lists the Belmont location of Mr. Pollo, which is why I specifically said that Metromix doesn't know that the Montrose location exists. In any case Mr. Pollo is not Peruvian.

            2. re: Eldon Kreider

              Mr.Pollo is Ecuadorian and it's nothing special. The black beans and corn side dishes taste and look like they came from a can. The least they could do is rinse the gooey starch from the beans before serving them.

              The Brasa Roja on Montrose at Kedzie, Gloria's on Fullerton at Kimball, and The Flying Chicken on Lincoln Avenue (all are Colombian) at Grace are far better...although Brasa Roja and Glorias can be inconsistent.

            3. I have not been, but you might want to try: Ay Ay Picante on the NW side.
              I heard this place may be good also. Taste of Peru
              Not sure they will have what you are looking for though..
              Also, it's not Peruvian, but Guatemalan, I think, but I like their chicken.
              Pollo Campero