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Apr 22, 2008 10:00 AM

Bar Blanc, Perilla, or August?


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  1. Any of these would be a good choice, though I don't think August quite comes up to the level of the others. Bar Blanc has wowed me every time I've been there. The food is very creative. Perilla is a bit more conventional than Bar Blanc, but still creative and delicious. The ambience at BB is more "sceney" than the others. I would advise perusing the menus and picking the one that appeals to you most.

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    1. re: rrems

      i totally agree on all of your points.

      to the op, it depends on what yr looking for. bar blanc for a more scene-y night out with great food...perilla for more a more comfortable night out with great food.

    2. I found the cooking at Perilla very honest and approachable. Nice portions, plating and combinations with an occasional "wow" moment in there (crispy duck skin bites, edamame falafel, etc.).

      1. We enjoyed our meal at Perilla much more so than our meal at August. Nothing about our experience at August would make us return (we don't have any complaints about it, but we also don't have any raves). Perilla was a very comfortable atmosphere, we were able to linger, and the food was very well prepared.

        1. I think Perilla is one of the best additions over the last few years. It is consistently good and very straightforward. I highly recommmend it.

          1. I haven't been to August for ages, but have been to Perilla and Bar Blanc. I was completely underwhelmed by Bar Blanc and didn't come out thinking that I will return. Perilla, on the other hand, has always been solid and pleasant. It is definiltey consistent.