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Apr 22, 2008 09:46 AM

Cherry M&Ms in Cambridge or Waltham?


I tried these a while back before they were released, and have been searching for Cherry M&Ms ever since to no avail (they are delish!!!) Has anyone seen them recently in the Boston Area, specifically Waltham or Cambridge (Porter/Harvard area)?


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  1. Looks like they're a seasonal item - - brought out in February (for V-Day, I assume). They're not even listed on their "Where to Buy" link. Maybe contact them directly?

    1. Some CVS's and convenient stores still have them. I've seen them recently in the Cleveland Circle CVS and Store 24.

      1. I saw them at the CVS off Main St in Waltham yesterday. They might have been on sale because they were in one of those racks sort of in the middle of the aisles in the candy section. There were tons of them in any case.

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          SCORE! Ok, I'm headed there tomorrow during my lunch break. I so checked there about a month ago, but didn't see any at all.

        2. I just ate a bag. They are delicious and taste like chocolate black cherry. They are big and plump. I found them at CVS in Waltham.