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Apr 22, 2008 09:39 AM

Who has the Best Fried Squid Bocadillos in Madrid?

I've heard about this great snack here in these boards but can't find the original post. I recently saw an episode of Made in Spain where the host had one at The Plaza Mayor, and it didn't look quite as good as I had imagined, I know there has to be a better place.
Also, what are they called? Bocadillos de Calemari?

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  1. Bocata de calamares is the name, but this is straight up bar food, so any dive would have this bocata

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      Yeah, I think all of the places around the Plaza Mayor are pretty much the same. I usually get one to go at the places in the arch going south from the southwest corner. El Brillante next to the Reina Sofía also has pretty good ones. But it's just a hard roll with fried calamari. Nothing fancy.