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Apr 22, 2008 09:27 AM

Nolita House- lots of stairs?

I think that I am going to host my graduation celebration at Nolita House. It has gotten wonderful reviews and has a great price point. My only concern is if there are a lot of stairs! My grandparents are coming and I would rather not tire them out.

Also, does it get very noisy? We have a reservation for a table of 9. It is half price bottle night!

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  1. think it's less than a dozen stairs- and they are great for a clebration!

    1. There aren't many stairs, I'd guess 8-10 steps but I must warn you the space can get extremely crowded. There is no differentiation between the bar area and the eating area and the bar can be over-flowing to the point of being very uncomfortable for people seated at the tables. I really suggest you stop by for a drink at the bar around the time you plan on eating there to check things out. I for one would not bring elderly people to Nolita House in the evening. For brunch maybe but dinner? Never

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        Is it crazy on a Tuesday at around 6?

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          That is prime happy hour time, and Nolita is def. a happy hour kind of bar

          1. re: OliveJuice123

            So funny, I was asking these exact questions a few days ago for the opposite reason..I want to have a happy hour there next Thurs and I was concerned it was too much of a restaurant kind of bar rather than vice versa! At least you put my fears to rest OliveJuice123, don't know about chadradchad!

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            The thing about Nolita House is that the bar is the biggest feature in the space. There are tables in the front and in the back with the bar being centrally located. There aren't many tables maybe 8 all together and they can seem like an after-thought. When the bar is full or even near full people who are seated are almost cheek to jowl with the bar patrons. The space is not very big so even 20 bar patrons could make diners uncomfortable. Again, this is not a space I would bring the elderly. It gets crowded, loud, and I'm certain you would be seated at the front because it is the biggest space and this time of the year Nolita will have their big window open which is directly under where the smokers from Nolita House and the bar downstairs congregate