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Apr 22, 2008 09:24 AM

where can i purchase good chai?

i'm trying to wean myself off coffee this month, and hope to do so by substituting with chai. however, buying it every morning from starbucks or an equivalent is quite expensive. anyone know where i can purchase a package of great chair to prepare for myself?

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  1. like you, i've been weaning myself off coffee but mostly because its just so BAD for us! tbh i've ordered online -- have gotten really "into" the loose leaf variations they have too. i honestly am not missing the java :


    btw, noothernamesleft - as someone who has to take the name usernameistaken --- i can completely sympathize with the amount of time you took trying to find a username :P

    1. If it's chai you seek I highly reccomend going to Porto Rico Coffee Co.
      They have quite an extensive chai selection...if you are going to wean yourself from the grind try the kasmiri blend and steep it for a long time but only wiith 180 degree water otherwise the cardomom gets really bitter. You can brew quite a bit of it and it keeps for a couple days in the fridge...just like those super sweet box blends (Oregon, Tazo)