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Apr 22, 2008 09:14 AM

Mandalay Bay Options (Las Vegas)

I'm working an event this coming Saturday night at Mandalay Bay and looking for suggestions for best place to eat later that night. Would like to stay within MB if possible, because I'm just looking for a nice dinner with my wife and then crash.

Would appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. GOt to say late night dining at Mandalay doesnt really exist except for the coffee shop. Everything closes at about 11. If you get out at 9:30 or 10 there may be a few late seating options

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    1. re: Justjenn

      Yeah, looking at around 9:30, or so. Any comparison opinions on Mix, Fleur de Lys and RM Seafood? I've heard Aureole is fairly overpriced and overrated.

      1. re: Grahamc100

        RM was ok -- didn't blow me away. I have heard mixed things about Mix and at 9:30 you are going to be awfully close to the whole club thing starting on the other side. I still like Border Grill at Mandalay but its nothing fancy -- just good mexican food and good drinks (oh yeah I am addicted to their green salsa)

        1. re: Justjenn

          I've had great experiences at Aureole. I think that many go into Aureole with preconceived notions thinking the wine tower is gimmicky. I'm not sure, but either way the food and service have been stellor on my experiences there. One of my most memorable dining experiences was walking in without a reservation at 10:30, ordering the Celebration (tasting) menu and enjoying the multiple courses and outstanding service until after 1am never once feeling rushed.
          On the other hand, Fleur de Lys has been quite inconsistent especially in respect to service. I've had really great and really forgettable there. I've pretty much written it off because of its inconsistency. Service was so poor on my last visit there that the entire $600 meal was comped after sending the manager an email describing our experience.
          Charlie Palmer Steak in the adjacent is a worthy option if you are looking for steaks. Comfortable seating (couches) and high-end steaks. Not sure what time they are open until though.

    2. I also had a great experience at Aureole, though it was about five years ago. Also had late dinner - 10'ish. Dined ala carte, but they brought us many many extras. I thought it was reasonable, and the desserts were fabulous!