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Apr 22, 2008 09:13 AM

Best sushi lunch for around 5000Y?

It looks like I would be able to squeeze in good quality sushi restaurant for lunch during my upcoming Tokyo trip. With a budget of around 5000Y for that meal, it means that it would likely have to be a lunch set thing. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best sushi lunch one can get for that price?

I'm not sure what is possible at the price, but I would ideally be looking for finesse in execution of sushi - impecable fundamentals such as rice preparation, fish seasoning (if applicable), good knifework and a killer tamagoyaki. Also, it would be good (but not compulsory) if reservations are not required so my choices and schedule can be a bit more flexible.


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  1. Kyubei in Ginza does a very nice lunch for Y5500.

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    1. re: Robb S

      Yep I originally considered Kyubei, because it seems like they would have a good tamagoyaki plus they have a pretty good reputation. There is also considerable hype with Kyubei (gunkanmaki, Bill Clinton, etc) and the fact that they were once considered neck to neck with Jiro, all of which might go down well with my sushi neophyte buddies. However I have also heard that their lunch sets are a far cry from their true quality in dinnertime. Tabelog users seem to be indicating that the overall standard is not what it once was. This is making me hesitate a little about Kyubei..

      Does anyone have any comments about other places like Otsuka Takase or Shinbashi Tsuruhachi? Both these places are ranked better than Kyubei on Tabelog (but heck so is Sushi Dai). Otsuka Takase seems to be doing fairly well, hitting no.3 in the rankings once, while Shinbashi Tsuruhachi was much raved about on a Japanese TV Springtime Sushi feature. The master is supposedly quite an old school Edomaezushi fellow.

      1. re: Robb S

        By the way, does lunch at Kyubei Ginza require reservations? Thanks!

        1. re: Eldarion

          I don't think you can just turn up, but you might get same-day reservations.

      2. Midori in Ginza perhaps.

        Maybe you can squeeze a quick visit to Tsukiji and grab a quick set lunch at one of the stalls there. Even the most famous/popular places are below or near 5000Y. Although, I am uncertain about their execution of technique. Maybe others can fill in.

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        1. re: Cary

          Yeah I'm likely headed to Midori as well as the whole touristy sushi for breakfast at Tsukiji thing. At the same time I'm looking for something with a bit more finesse than those though, but thanks for recommending all the same!

          1. re: Eldarion

            I don't think the sushi at Tsukiji is touristy although the place is full of tourist (which is normal as it is famous). Sushi Dai is at top 15 in Tabelog, which is a Japanese food user driven rating site, and it costs less than 5000 yen to have a full sushi meal there with good and fresh quality in Tokyo. And yes, the sushi at Sushi Dai also served individually like those you get at Kanesaka, Mizutani and Jiro, etc.

            1. re: skylineR33

              Yeah I saw Sushi Dai's rating on, they even scored better than Kyubei and Jiro. Dai will be on my list of places to check out for sure because this high rating really intrigues me. All the same, I think its great that they serve the set meal by individual pieces.