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Apr 22, 2008 08:44 AM

Corfu - Sep 2008

Hello all. My wife and I are heading to Corfu in September. We literally organize our holidays around eating so any great restaurants would be appreciated.

We don't have any price restrictions. We love local tavernas right up to the top end restaurants.

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  1. We'll be there very soon and I did a little research, so I'll post what I found so far. I'm thinking that there should more info on these boards though.

    Really easy to find - walk out of port - keep the sea on your left - follow the road and it starts to go up a hill towards a headland - Pizza Petes is right there on your left hand side - I think it is the only restaurant and you can see the awnings from quite a distance away! Fantastic food - it needs a 'classier' name than Pizza Petes!!! After lunch keep following the road up and you will get to the Liston - beautiful area with cafes and you are right by the little streets leading to the old town.

    1. Hi, I'm not sure if you are actually staying in Corfu town or one of the resorts. A very popular restaurant, set in a beautiful location, is Taverna Agni, Agni Bay. It is on the N.E. coast of Corfu, between Nissaki and Kalami. Tel. no. for reservations 0030 22630 91142. If you google 'Agni Travel', it should bring you up a website with lots more information. Cheers

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        thanks OysterHo and Blondie4. I am surprised that for such a touristy island, not much has been written on the restaurants. I do know for a fact that Corfu also has one of the top restaurants in Greece. I'll have to do some other research to find out which one that is.

      2. My husband & I were in Corfu last week. While there we were searching online & found your blog. Our first couple of days we had trouble finding a decent restaurant. On our last day we found an amazing family owned place, Aegli Garden Restaurant. It is located at Esplanade Square. You can get to it on the arcade side or along the pedestrian mall of Kapodistriou. If we had found it sooner, we would have definately gone back.
        A couple of other concierge recommendations (that we did not go to) are Tripa's Tavern located in Kinopiastes Village. I think this might be the top restaurant in Greece that you were referring to...I wish we had gone here. The referral said it was a must when visiting Corfu. The other 2 are Bellissimo located in the middle of town & Gloglas Taverna located on a corner in the heart of the old town, one block back from the Esplanade.
        Hope this helps! We had an amazing trip...hope you do s well!

        1. Which of these suggestions will be accessible to a group of 4 coming off cruise ship, with one 58 year old vegetarian in a wheelchair (although he can walk and climb stairs) and his 88 year old mother on a walker?? I'd hate for the taxi to cost more than the meal.