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Apr 22, 2008 08:37 AM

Best Birthday Cake?

Any recommendations to get a good cake for my sister's birthday ? There will be about 18 people and I'll be taking it out of Manhattan to CT - so it has to travel - not looking for a $500.00 dollar cake - but something delicious that presents well. Could always do Wholefoods but was wondering if anything out there is better - i like Magnolia's cupcakes (i know verboten to some) but never ordered a cake - also probably favorite cupcakes Two Little Red Hens - anyone get a cake there? are they still on UES?

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  1. don't know about magnolia cakes, but my favorite nyc birthday cake is amy's bread yellow cake with pink frosting. definitely travels well and is delicious.

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      Someone at the office brought in a Black and White Cake from Amy's for a birthday. Hell's Kitchen location. Fantastic. Moist, fluffy, and chocolate-y on the inside.

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        I might have taken part in that same office birthday cake. It sounds as delicious as the Amy's Chocolate Cake with Vanilla frosting I had last week. The best!

    2. I've gotten cakes from Two Little Red Hens and they are indeed delicious. In fact, that's where my wedding cake was from -- got the blackout. And one of my friends ALWAYS gets the blackout cake there for his birthday every year. And to my knowledge, they're still at the same location.

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        I agree with Two Little Hens. Their baked goods are the best in the city!

      2. I love Billy's best. Amy's cakes are also good. I haven't had Two Little Red Hens cakes, but also love their cupcakes, and their cakes are very pretty. I was there last weekend--still at 86th and 2d.

        1. Did Amy's red velvet once for a birthday. Not too pricey. I think ~$45 and it travelled.

          1. Soutine. The best of the best. Try chocolate with choc mousse inside and choc buttercream. So pretty and classy.

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              Completely agree with Soutine on the UWS. Great taste and beautiful.