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Best Birthday Cake?

Any recommendations to get a good cake for my sister's birthday ? There will be about 18 people and I'll be taking it out of Manhattan to CT - so it has to travel - not looking for a $500.00 dollar cake - but something delicious that presents well. Could always do Wholefoods but was wondering if anything out there is better - i like Magnolia's cupcakes (i know verboten to some) but never ordered a cake - also probably favorite cupcakes Two Little Red Hens - anyone get a cake there? are they still on UES?

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  1. don't know about magnolia cakes, but my favorite nyc birthday cake is amy's bread yellow cake with pink frosting. definitely travels well and is delicious.


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      Someone at the office brought in a Black and White Cake from Amy's for a birthday. Hell's Kitchen location. Fantastic. Moist, fluffy, and chocolate-y on the inside.

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        I might have taken part in that same office birthday cake. It sounds as delicious as the Amy's Chocolate Cake with Vanilla frosting I had last week. The best!

    2. I've gotten cakes from Two Little Red Hens and they are indeed delicious. In fact, that's where my wedding cake was from -- got the blackout. And one of my friends ALWAYS gets the blackout cake there for his birthday every year. And to my knowledge, they're still at the same location.

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        I agree with Two Little Hens. Their baked goods are the best in the city!

      2. I love Billy's best. Amy's cakes are also good. I haven't had Two Little Red Hens cakes, but also love their cupcakes, and their cakes are very pretty. I was there last weekend--still at 86th and 2d.

        1. Did Amy's red velvet once for a birthday. Not too pricey. I think ~$45 and it travelled.

          1. Soutine. The best of the best. Try chocolate with choc mousse inside and choc buttercream. So pretty and classy.

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              Completely agree with Soutine on the UWS. Great taste and beautiful.

            2. Baked out in Red Hook Brooklyn. Sweet and Salty or the Red Velvet. And they deliver to the city.

              1. I just brought a Ruthy's Best Cheesecake cake to Pennsylvania last weekend for a party and everyone loved it. It has chocolate cke on top with the best chocolate frosting ever and cheesecake on the bottom. It's great for people who only like cake or only like cheesecake.

                I did have a little trouble with it travel wise as we missed our train at PennStation and had to wait 2 hours but it ended up being fine even with the problems.

                1. I swear by Cupcake Cafe birthday cakes. I took one all the way to western Illinois for my mother's 80th and it was the hit of the party!

                  1. Venierro's is back and they do a nice sheet cake that travels well.

                    1. a long time ago i ordered a cake from magnolia bakery..not bad but i overdosed and didnt want to see another cupcake for a year.
                      i realy love the cakes at financier, thats where my friends and i always order ours from...

                      1. In my opinion, having had two little red hens, billy's and amy's as well as buttercup which is very similar to magnolia - billy's probably has the best flavor, but two little red hens makes an excellent cake as well and it is more beautiful and elegant, so i would give it extra marks for sophistication if that is a factor. amy's is good, but slightly less than billy's and i enjoy buttercup but find it tending towards the sweet factor.

                        1. My fav is the red velvet cake from buttercup bakeshop