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Apr 22, 2008 08:31 AM

In search of odd herbs

I'm gathering the ingredients for a meal from the Noma cookbook. L'Epicerie and its ilk seem the best place to find things like gelatin sheets and lecithin, while Siggi's Skyr is available in stores around town; now I'm looking for a reliable source of fresh herbs in Manhattan.

Among other odd herbs, the cookbook calls for woodruff, wood sorrel, sea buckthorn, chickweed, as well as more commonly seen (but still not typically found at Whole Foods) ones like lovage and nasturtium leaves. My recipe choices will be limited by what herbs I can find, so I'll take what I can get.

I spotted chickweed on the menu at Jimmy's No. 43 last night, so I imagine it can't be too difficult to procure herbs of its kind. My first thought is, of course, the Union Sq Greenmarket. Are there any particular stalls I should look out for, or best days to look? Any suggestions for other markets or stores?

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  1. I don't know if you want a plant rather than just the leaves, but there's a terrific herb stand at Union Square (along the north side).

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    1. re: David W

      Thanks for the tip. Is the stand there all days?

      I'm more interested in procuring leaves than a full plant, but would take the latter if I had to...

      1. re: kayu

        I'm not sure about the days...I'm sure they are there on Saturday.
        By the way, they may not be on the north side...the construction (or beginning of construction) on the restaurant space may be disrupting the regular placement...but the stand is covered, and has mostly herbs with a few tomato plants, etc.