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Apr 22, 2008 08:17 AM

What's Open for Passover in Midtown?

I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive place to go to for dinner in the West 30's or 40's in Manhattan during chol hamoed. Any ideas?

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  1. I work for a Jewish Foundation on East 39th Street and called around to all the inexpensive places that I could think of: Mr. Broadway, Ben's, J2, Kosher Delight, Milk N Honey, etc. and they are all closed. Colbeh and Abigael's are open, but they are hardly inexpensive. Mendy's is open on 34th Street and I'm not sure if their Grand Central location is open also. Mendy's just sells deli by the pound during Passover and not much else.

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      I've had meals at Mendy's during Pesach in the past.

      1. re: weinstein5

        Mendy's has a burger for $19.95 and a can of coke for $2.50. a happy Pesach to you too

        1. re: mrmoose

          The places that you mention as being closed would have special challenges in providing meals during Pesach. The dairy places like J2 and Milk N Honey would have to find a substitute for bagels and pizzas. I think Milk N Honey's daytime clientele is made up of people working in Midtown. Since a lot of their regular customers would not be working chol hamoed (I'm not), they would have reduced traffic for their salads and soups. There are frum shoppers, it is true, that frequent Milk N Honey but perhaps not enough to take up the slack. Mr. Broadway, as a fleischig restaurant, could offer a menu similar to Mendy's. I would think that their location would be more favorable towards staying open than Menday's is on the 34th. Kosher Delight is probably so geared to fast food that it would be hard for them to retrain their people for a new menu.

          1. re: Dovid

            Taam Tov in the Diamond District is closed for Chol Hamoed as in past years but Dougie's is open. They had a menu marked as a Passover menu. I go there every other month, but the prices seemed to me the same as before Pesach.