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Apr 22, 2008 08:16 AM

Is Monday a bad day to go out to eat dinner?

My wife and I took a couple of her coworkers from Australia out for dinner on a Monday night. We went to a local restaurant that has a pretty good reputation, where we had eaten before and had enjoyed the food before. This night we arrived about 7:00 and there were very few people there. Anyway, we ordered a bottle of wine which was out of stock and went with a second choice. We each ordered our food and it was pretty prompty delivered, but one of our Australian friends noticed a hair on her plate, but did not make a big deal out of it, and as I began to eat my hanger steak, I realized that it was pretty much cold. Though no one made any complaints, and compliments were made of the food I was really kind of disappointed in the experience. The waitress was not very up on the food or preparation,she took plates away before we were all through eating, and delivered the check while we were still eating dessert. I have read reviews of this same restaurant (I think) where the owner came out and spoke to customers and food had been very satisfying and the experience good, but that was a Friday or Saturday night.
Again my question; Is Monday a bad day to go out to eat dinner?

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  1. A lot of places close and/or give the frontline staff the night off...

    Thursday-Saturday is "prime time" in all places.

    Of course eateries in hotels and other "traveler oriented" places have to go with a 7 day schedule...

    My guess is that some one was away AND you had some bad luck -- an off night happens to almost everyplace. When the most season staff/supervisor is away it makes things look worse than they are.

    1. In my experience Monday isn't a bad night to go out to eat. Back in the day when Dh and I were dating, Monday was often our "date night" because our daughter had 4H meetings and it was convenient. In fact in some cases, it's been better because it's less crowded (especially at 'regular' places) and in general it's often a better all around experience than say Saturday night going out can be.

      1. If I can find a place that is open, I enjoy going out to dinner on a Monday night(I typicall have cooked alot over the weekend, and enjoy the break), I have never really noticed a decline in service, or quality, but then again for a Monday night meal I am not going out for fine dining(I would rather go on a non work night where I can truly relax, and enjoy myself).

        1. Some of our favorites aren't open on Mondays; except during the summer but the handful that are open we frequent on Monday specifically because it tends to be quieter and we feel the chef/cook/servers are able to be more attentive. It is also a night when I can hear my dh talking; rather than talking over fellow diners.

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            I am with you when it comes to eating out on a "quite" night instead of "the weekend". I like to eat lunch at 11:00 am or 1:30 pm for that same reason. One would hope that on a slow night staff would try a little harder since things are a bit slower. But then, as it was said, everyone has an off night and I would never condemn a place after just one less than satisfying experience.

          2. Definitely depends on the restaurant. My favorite Indian place has wonderful food Thursday through Saturday, but I've learned to avoid it Monday through Wednesday. It's like a whole different restaurant. It's disappointing, but I live with it!