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Apr 22, 2008 08:05 AM

coal oven pizza

I will be in south florida over the weekend and have, in the last year, been turned on to great coal oven pizza. I've eaten at the grimaldis in phoenix and brooklyn along with all the other NYC faves. I am anxious to try your Anthony's but would love to see your opinions on locations and/or other options in your area. thanks

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  1. Hi, Jay--If you find yourself in the Boca area during your stay, try Coal Mine Pizza in the old Royal Palm Plaza--they may still call it that today. The pizzas are a bit pricey, but they are pretty good! I think that there are several other coal fired pizza places around--there may be one on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, also.



    1. Coal Mine, Royal Palm Plaza, Boca >, 'boca' crowd
      Red Rock, Royal Palm Area, Boca > no site, small locals place
      Carolinas, 7th Ave., Delray Beach > no site, kid friendly
      Anthonys, S. Federal Hwy, Delray Beach >
      Steve's, > Glades Road, Boca >

      1. Avoid Coal Mine Pizza at all costs. I've had an overpriced, flabby, luke warm pizza there and would never go back. Try Red Rock for really great pizza.

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          I'm a big fan of Red Rock and enjoy recommending it to friends but they use wood, not coal. Same as Steve's. If OP doesn't mind forgoing the coal this is a better recommendation than Coal Mine and they make some mean wings as well.

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            Everytime that i visit South FLorida i go to Louie's Brick Oven located at North Miami Beach,last month visiting Florida i noticed that they changed the name to DIBONO'S ITALIAN CAFE...They still have great pizza and a Philly italian style cuisine to die for,,,generous amount of food and great service,,,if you are from Philly like me,,its the closest thing to remind you of back home,,,

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. KITCHENETTA on US 1 is my fav for Pizza with Arugula salad on the side. Right across from the Ale House. Very good staff and the owner is in the kitchen. Lots of Pasta choices too.