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Apr 22, 2008 07:59 AM

Lafayette Restaurants

We will be in Lafayette this Saturday for the Festival Internationale. Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant for dinner on Saturday night for 2? I'd say between $20-$30 a plate or cheaper if you know of a good place. I don't know the Lafayette area at all but we are staying on Kaliste Saloom Rd near Pinhook. Thank You!

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  1. Absolutely some of the best food in Lafayette at a reasonable price can be had at Don's Seafood Hut on Johnston St. It was started by the original owner of Don's Seafood Restaurant(s) and is much better. You might want to make reservations to avoid a long wait on Saturday night.

    1. Two good ones if you're not wanting to eat local seafood. Zeus on Pinhook, which serves excellent Mediterranean food, and Pimon Thai on Johnston. Both are informal and below the price range you mention.

      It's crawfish season. If you have a yen to partake of some boiled mudbugs, I'd say Crawfish Time on Verot School Rd., a type of establishment known here as a "crawfish patio." Read: informal, folksy, and full of serious eaters. Order yours mild if you're not up for SERIOUS seasoning.

      If you want a nice meal in a nice setting: iMonelli on Johnston (Italian, but with local flavor) or Charlie G's on Ambassador Caffery.

      Sushi: Tsunami, downtown on Jefferson, a happenin' place.

      Tapas: Pamplona, also downtown on Jefferson, expensive but the word is that it's QUITE good.

      For any of the last four, I'd recommend calling for reservations, especially on a Festival night. Hope you have a great time visiting us!

      1. I've heard Catahoula's is pretty nice. My mom lives out there and she likes the Blue Dog Cafe.
        Both are on Pinhook. Again, I'd make reservations anywhere they would take them during the festival. You can always cancel.

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          Been to Catahoula's in Grand Coteau and thought the food was quite good, especially in a town that seems to subsist mainly on fried seafood. The menu was fairly imaginative and what we had was more than satisfactory. Didn't know a Lafayette satellite opened. If you're a crab lover, you'll be in heaven at Poor Boy's Riverside Inn, which is about 50 yards off Hwy. 90 in Broussard. I've never seen so many versions of crab cookery in my life. Among the entrees is an entire plate of sauteed lump crab meat that was lightly sauteed in butter and beautifully seasoned. For another memorable meal, go to Randol's and have the steamed crabs, which are superb, much better than the boiled ones. Other standard Louisiana seafood dishes there are quite well done, too. Plus, Randol's is on Kaliste Saloom Road.

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            Riverside Inn is great. Bella Figura is good. Boiling point in New Iberia.