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Apr 22, 2008 07:54 AM

House made veal stock? (a la Capone's Chicken stock)

Does anybody know of a place that makes and sells their own veal stock? I'm familiar with the factory made concentrate and demi-glace products, which are fine for many things, but that's really not what I'm looking for. Dave's and Capone's do chicken and mushroom stock, but not veal.

If not, I suppose I could sit at home on some Sunday and actually make some. Anyone have any good sources for veal bones that they've used? I assume Savenor's has them for an arm and a leg, any other thoughts?

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  1. The South End Formaggio has veal stock ( and I suspect the one in Cambridge does as well.

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    1. Veal bones are a bit difficult to find because the butcher would have to order a box of them and most will not go through 35-50lbs of bones (McKinnon's for instance I don't think will, but other things they will order). You will just need to call around. I would try Savenors, Sulmona, and also Fresh Pond Market (near formaggio). If you go to Formaggio, its worth also checking Fresh Pond for stock (although I think they might offer demi-glace instead). Depending on the kind of stock you desire, there are some bone-in less expensive veal cuts.... or you could buy a couple of veal shoulders, ask them to bone it for your bones and grind the meat for you. I mostly give up and use beef neck bones to make stock