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Apr 22, 2008 07:19 AM

Wichita Falls - dinner and breakfast recs?

Hey - I found a few WF mentions in searching the board, and was hoping for some more updated comments. I will be in Wichita Falls for one dinner and one breakfast...I am looking for non-chain, chowhound-approved grub of any style and price. I read about the Bar L Drive in which seems like a cool place? Any opinions on Salt and Pepper? Thanks for any and all help!

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  1. I had a pretty good and cheap rib eye at Pioneer Restaurant #3 in Wichita Falls last summer. There are 3 in the city. Here's a map: (scroll down) Think I ate at the one right off the highway.

    Here's how I described it in a travel blog:
    We stopped in Wichita Falls to have an excellent Rib Eye steak dinner at a local diner.It’s the kind of place where you learn the life story of the waitress between the iced tea and dessert. Our young waitress was aided in her telling of her tale with tattoos of the names of the father of her child and the name of her deceased baby on the top of her right and left wrists, respectively. There’s got to be the makings of a county song there.

    1. It has been years since I've been to Wichita Falls but when I lived there, I couldn't live without a Dyer's Special Sandwich at Dyer's BBQ on Southwest Parkway. Pork loin, sausage and ham on a huge bun served with one side. Sounds horrific, tastes like home. The rest of the I also loved a beef and bean burrito from Fas-Pac on Hwy 287. But then again, I was a college kid who loved cheap fried burritos. Unfortunately, WF is not known for its cuisine.

      1. It's been a long time since I've been there as well, but I would recommend McBride's Steakhouse downtown. The prime rib was my favorite.

        1. I lived there for 25yrs so I guess I can give my .02. All the pioneers are pretty good. We usually went for breakfast. If you like good mexican food, theres a place called La Pinata that is really good. They are only open for breakfast on Sat and Dinner on Fri and Sat nights. McBrides is good if you are wanting steaks. Dyers BBQ is long gone. The Branding Iron has the best BBQ in town. Bar L is a close 2nd. Go to Bar L if you want a beer with your meal. The Branding Iron doesnt serve it. Pasquals is by far the best place in town, but you pay for it. Entrees run from $25-45, has a pretty good wine list and a nice atmosphere. The Chef trained at Brennans of Houston. Havent heard alot of good things about Salt and Pepper but if your looking for authentic greek food then go to the Hibiscus Cafe. The owners are both greek, they run it along with their daughters. Italian food Toscanis is really good, it can be hit or miss though. If you go to the Wichita Falls newspaper, they have a food critic who visits places. Its called the Lunch Lady segment, might find something in there.

          1. Thank you all so much for your responses. I found myself in WF on a SUNDAY, following a steak-o-rama in Amarillo. Sigh. I went to Albertson's for a bag of salad for dinner, and hit Pioneer for breakfast - thanks for the rec, it was mighty fine.

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              I grew up in Amarillo and Now I live in Wichita Falls,,,, I reccomend El Mejicano, (an all you can eat mexican joint) its not a dump..... PLus they offer FREE margaritas and beer with dinner..... No limit. As far as BBQ goes, Branding Iron is ok I guess, but I would rather have prines,,,, Prines is in the phone book and they are right off of the highway downtown, Old fashioned Pit BBQ,,, good stuff. They also make homeade pimento cheese that is to die for there..... Omg its good.