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Apr 22, 2008 07:09 AM

Curry...Thai Curry SD

Yeah, Ive read all those depressing "thai in san diego' threads.

That taken in full consideration - where would you go for thai curry. I got the jonesing - my favorite is mussaman but I'll take any,

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  1. Im hestitant to suggest anything these days! But in my humble opinion I like Spice and Rice in La Jolla. I dont know if its an exceptional curry but we like it ,paired with a hot basil dish..

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    1. re: butterbutt

      My favorite curry in San diego is the panang curry at karinya thai also the yellow curry at rama thai is exceptional. Both have the best texture and every bite is heaven.

    2. Kafe Yen in PB makes a nice yellow curry. Not sure how "authentic" it is, but it is definitely tasty.

      1. My favorite is mussaman also. I'm used to it coming with cashews instead of peanuts, but haven't found anyplace in SD that makes it that way. If anyone knows a place I'd love to try it.

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        1. re: jasont

          There is a new place at 9119 Clairemont Mesa Blvd called Bangkok West.


        2. My fave place for thai based on quality of ingredients, price, service and atmosphere is Antique Thai at the Loma Square shopping area on Midway drive. Everything I've had there is of exceptional quality and taste, and you can't beat the price. My friend is ADDICTED to the green curry and refuses to order anything else. I prefer panang over other curries, but I've heard nothing but good things about their yellow and red curries.

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          1. re: BettyBadass

            I'll back BB's asssesment of Antique Thai. Their green curry is the standard I hold all others to. I hesitated to recommend AT because last time I did that I was flamed big time.

            Kare please go there and give us your opinion.

            1. re: sdnativa

              "I'll back BB's asssesment of Antique Thai. Their green curry is the standard I hold all others to. I hesitated to recommend AT because last time I did that I was flamed big time."

              You were not flamed. You had ONE poster disagree based on a one visit. Granted, that poster has a pretty good track record in Chowhound and their review of the place was scathing, but they hardly were flaming you for recommending it - and you hardly were alone in your recommendation.

              1. re: RB Hound

                You are right RB hound. I wasnt flamed big time, but drew a storng opposing comment from one poster. However, that comment was vehement to the extent that I did feel flamed, and I did not wish to provoke such ire again. You have a good memory.

              2. re: sdnativa

                I didn't intend to flame you when I wrote about my disappointment at Antique Thai but just describing a very bad experience. We were especially disappointed because we went with a visitor from Europe who had never experienced Thai food before and we always told him how great Thai food can taste. The main summary from the visitor (who likes all kinds of food and is very open to anything new) about Antique Thai was that this was really lousy made food and we couldn't agree more with him.

                My own recommendation for good Thai curry in SD would be Thai Garden in Oceanside

                1. re: honkman

                  And I love Siamese Basil in Encinitas.

            2. not claiming it's the greatest or anything, but like you, I love Massaman (mussaman, musman, etc.), and when I get a craving, the Musman curry at Bangkok Thai Spices on El Cajon near Utah ain't half bad. It actually bests the versions I've tried at Celadon, Amarin, Bai Yook, etc.