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Apr 22, 2008 06:45 AM

Salt Tavern or Jack's Bistro in B-more?

My husband's relatives are coming to town for a Wed night dinner from NYC, and they would like a neighborehood/local place with some good fish options. I narrowed it down to these two, but can't decide between them! Help?

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  1. Tough choice! 2 great options as far as food. Jack's seems like it would be a deviation from NYC restaurant atmosphere; quiet, unique, cozy, personal (not saying there aren't restaurants in NYC with those characteristics!). Salt seems a bit more modern, but maybe that's just color scheme. Anyway, when my parents are in town they prefer Salt over Jack's, it's a little closer to their speed. Hope that helps.

      1. Salt has great food. But Jack's is more unique. I'd go there.

        1. I've had bad experiences at Salt -- nothing dramatic, but occasional frustrating lapses -- and none at Jack's. They're close in a lot of ways, but I think my personal preference is for Jack's.

          1. How about Henningers Tavern in Fells Point, good fish/seafood options!


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              For adventures in tasting and food pairings I would pick Jack's. Logistically though, depending on how many relatives are coming, Jack's may feel cramped since it is a pretty "cozy" (read: small) place.

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                I also want to give Hennigen's restaurant a try but Salt's fish options and other items inspired me more for the same price. After reading various posts I now have a long list of places to go to (not in any particular order) - Jack's, Henniger's, Peter's Inn, Birches, Wine Market, Bicycle... why can't relatives come more often!