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Sheesh -- Buckhurst Hill

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I finally made it out to Buckhurst Hill after a hike in Epping Forest. Sheesh, as some of you may recall, is a newly-opened ocakbasi restaurant that is staffed by former grillmasters of Mangal Ocakbasi in Dalston (Arcola St). Sheesh is a weirdly attired restaurant; it is looks like a chav mobster designed it -- leather chairs, very dark tables, lots of mirrors, very clean and nice, but completely distasteful. As for the food, the quality is pretty close to Mangal (same grill in the middle), but the prices are about 40-50% higher. For instance, the mixed grill is £15, where I think it was £10 at Mangal. The minced lamb is still juicy and excellent, the lamb chops were perfect, the chicken wings were a bit salty but servicable. The sides were very good. All in all, I would not go Sheesh unless I was in the neighborhood; 40-50% premium for a mafia setting is not worth it. Has anyone been back to Mangal in recent months? Is the quality the same? What are the other good grill places in Dalston?


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  1. Haven't been to The Mangal for a while, now I travel a bit further north to the Stoke Newington one-way syte where opposite the Police Station you will find Testi.