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Apr 22, 2008 06:01 AM

BarFry...What happened?

Just read the news at Anyone know the details? TIA.

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  1. Overpriced food, poor name, they opened without a liquor license, and were marketed more as a restaurant than a bar (it should have been the other way around).

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    1. re: ginsbera

      add: menu doesn't appeal to health conscious customer, high commercial rent for a gimmick-y theme.

      1. I'm sad as well, LeahBaila. I went a few times during its short life, loved the drinks, liked the food, and loved the bartenders / service.

        Admittedly, the tempura was a little soggy at times, but other items like the wasabi 'peas' were great.

        RIP, Barfry. You were good while you lasted.

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        1. re: cimui

          I felt the same way, but I got the impression that service was as personal as it was because there were no customers. The bartenders always told me it would "pick up later," but I never saw the advertised crowds. Other than Marketable, that stretch of Carmine seems to like an afterthought for patrons.

          1. re: cimui

            ..and not to mention the cursed location, 50 carmine died quickly there too....

            1. re: Cpalms

              Josh DeChillis of Barfry is opening a place next door and Barfry is undergoing renovations right now. He will be back with another space there, just hopefully with a more appealing name and not as narrow a menu.

              Around the corner from Carmine and Varick you have two new places opening as well, Grand Sichuan and a to be named spot near Mr. Dennehys back entrance.

              1. re: ginsbera

                More info:

                Barfry will be a Mexican restaurant and is not affiliated with Josh DeChillis:


                1. re: ginsbera

                  Omigod! A GS off Carmine? I might as well just go over and give them a couple thousand now. Is it to be on Varick proper? Maybe it's taking over the cursed spot where Downing meets Varick, by the McDonalds. I think it was Korean, but only sporadically open? I'm going to walk by and report..

                  1. re: sing me a bar

                    It's going to be next to Mr.Dennehy's on Varick/7th Ave. around the corner from that new grey condo building going up on the corner

                    1. re: ginsbera

                      I walked by and was told by someone associated with the place at the back of Dennehy's that the actual space which is right behind Dennehy's will be a thin crust pizza place. A door or so up 7th Ave will be Grand Szechuan. Their logo is already on the windows. Shortens the distance between Szechuan dumplings in red oil and me!

                      1. re: sing me a bar

                        Ah a pizza place, interesting. Well, right now the only option for slices is Joe's (Phils is no good), maybe they will be another lunch alternative. I give Szechuan a month to open, they had a sign up long ago saying opening summer 08.

                        1. re: ginsbera

                          Ok, I'll be temperate but, haven't you tried Bleecker St Pizza on 7th around the corner from Ottomanelli's? They are beating Joe's like a stepchild! Any of their slices (La Nonna is great) taste better "to me". I use the quotes to stave off any tempest on the subject. Joe's hasn't done it for me for so long. It was nice while it lasted, but..

                          1. re: sing me a bar

                            Bleecker street is not very good, only the Nonna, in my opinion, actually deserves it's price. Everything else is mediocre.

              2. re: cimui

                "Admittedly, the tempura was a little soggy at times..."

                Understatement. It was very poor, and the concept was built around it. Disaster.

                1. re: Wilfrid

                  I absolutely agree. The batter was disasterous. I don't think it could be qualified as tempura. Poor execution, with poor service. One time was enough for me.

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    not that it matters much, now, but i'm really quite flabbergasted at the reports of poor service. (mine was always more than charming.) do you mind recounting what happened?

                    1. re: kobetobiko

                      Though irrelevant at this point, that's disappointing to hear. I'd visited BarFry a handful of times and always enjoyed my meals there...admittedly, I ate mostly the non-fried items, but never had a problem with any of the tempura. Perhaps more a problem of inconsistency than "disaster." As for service, I agree with cimui...always thought everyone was very friendly and attentive. I was disappointed to read it closed and even more disappointed to hear it's turning into a mexican bar...

                      1. re: pennie

                        Well, if it's a really, really good Mexican bar, I won't complain too much! Espeically not if the same staff sticks around. (If anyone's listening, please make a kick-ars michelada. Please.)

                        I have to confess to having sampled mostly the non-tempura items, too. I can understand how if one were to judge the food on the tempura, alone, and on a bad night at that, one would not walk away with a good impression.