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Apr 22, 2008 05:57 AM

Great Olives Retail

Good morning,
Could anyone recommend a place to get fantastic cured olives retail.
I like big green olives and kalamata the most. Alternatively, can anyone recommend a place to get nice fresh (uncured) olives and then i can cure them myself.

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  1. I love the Kalamata olives from Mastellone Deli on Harford Road. Wegmans also has a great selection. For me, the most convenient is the olive bar at Weiss market. They always have nice plump and tasty olives. Also, Chesapeake Wine Co. in Canton offers assorted olives that have been soaked in garlic and spices. Very tasty!

    1. I like the olive bar at Shoppers Food Warehouse.

      1. Wegmans has a pretty expansive Mediterranean bar which includes quite a variety of olives.

        1. Wegmans (preferred) , or whole foods. there is also a greek grocery (afphrodite?) in Bayley's but i dont remember how their sleection was.

          1. If you are located in the District, Marvelous Market surprisingly has some really reasonable olives by the pound.

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              I don't how long ago you were at your local Marvelous Market, but I was suprised by a change in the olive situation at the McLean branch. They no longer have the olives in vats for customers to ladle out. The McLean store, at least, has switched over to pre-packed olives.

              The day I went, they had two pint-sized containers of Turkish olives and one of Kalamata olives. Nothing else. I was at the store on a Friday and the folks there weren't expecting a delivery of olives until some time the following week.

              I don't know if the new system still packs the olives in olive oil. I think the use of oil rather than brine was the key to Marvelous Market's superior olives.